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Creative Ideas for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Creative Ideas for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

The American tradition of throwing bachelor and bachelorette parties has also begun to gain popularity elsewhere around the world. On many summer weekends the city centres are full of bachelors and bachelorettes out celebrating their last night of freedom.

For those saying goodbye to the single life who would rather not put on a costume and try to sell shots or kisses to strangers, we’ve collected together creative ideas for something a little more stylish.

Creative Ideas for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

For the Girls: a Luxurious Spa Day

Who wants to schlepp a vendor’s tray throughout the city when instead you could be spending a blissful and relaxing day at the spa with your closest friends?

On this day the bachelorette and her companions can be pampered in a spa of their choice with massages and makeovers. Relaxing in the whirlpool is of course also on the agenda. If the spa day should also include a sauna, we especially recommend some alcohol-free cocktails. For the perfect ending of a day of pampering we recommend seeing a beautician who can style you up. Now relaxed and styled, you’re ready for a night on the town.

Creative Ideas for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

For the Men: A Brewing Course

Of course beer is synonymous with bachelor parties. The real connoisseurs don’t only drink the precious combination of hops and malt – they brew it themselves.

Many private breweries offer brewery tours as well as beer brewing courses – the perfect idea for a successful bachelor party. During the brewing seminar, which can also be booked for private groups, you’re sure to learn a lot about beer. Don’t forget to have a beer tasting with something to eat as well. It’s also common for the participants to be able to take their own self-brewed beer home with them. Marked with a self-made label, self-brewed beer makes a great memory for a special day.

Creative Ideas for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

For the Girls: Active Fun at a Pole Dance Course

The trend of pole dancing is really taking off and is not as evil as its reputation. Both the aesthetic and athletic aspects of pole dance are of importance here. Since pole dance is really arduous, being in good shape and having good body tension are must-haves for the course. This makes it the perfect idea for a bachelorette party. For the introductory course, which usually lasts 90 minutes, you should wear comfortable athletic clothes that leave your arms and legs free. Direct contact between the pole and your skin will ensure a secure hold. Beginners should first start out barefooted and can try with high heels near the end of the course.

Creative Ideas for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

For the Men: Casino Royale

Las Vegas is the favourite place worldwide for a boisterous bachelor party. However, you don’t have to fly all the way to America to celebrate your last night of freedom.

A visit to the casino is the perfect fit for a bachelor party – of course in real style with a tuxedo. Such an elegant guys night out should start off luxuriously with the arrival – a stretch limousine with a driver is available to rent in most cities. A well-stocked minibar and a few snacks will make the drive perfect.

After arriving at the casino the group can continue their night of fun. A limit should be set for the bachelor, however, since his friends traditionally take care of all of the costs of the festivities.

Note: in order to ensure that the bachelor party doesn’t come to an abrupt end at the casino entrance, make sure every group member has a valid photo ID with them.

Creative Ideas for Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

For those who want to celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties in a stylish and jovial fashion, you should enquire about available cooking courses if your city. Together with a gourmet chef, the party guests prepare their very own appetisers, a soup and main course, as well as a dessert. This very sociable evening activity is held in a festive atmosphere and promises to be lots of fun. When cooking together you’ll have lots of time to talk, laugh, and simply enjoy the evening. Don’t forget to find a fitting wine for your exquisite entrée.

If this kind of evening sounds too mundane for you, you can also try a more original cooking course for your party. What about experimenting with molecular gastronomy or a meat-grilling course for the real men?

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