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Your Individual Smartphone Case

A unique look for your smartphone case

Give your phone a personal touch: create a stylish and protective case for your iPhone or Samsung smartphone in just a few steps. Read on to get inspired by our design ideas for a unique smartphone case.

Design Your Smartphone Case with Your Own Memories and Photos

Keep your best memories and favorite moments with you: create a case with photos from your last holiday or an unforgettable experience. For example, how about an amazing sunset, or a beautiful beach, or perhaps a rolling landscape from the perfect viewpoint? If you cant decide on a single photo, then you can create a colorful collage of your favorite photos for your smartphone case.

You could also directly tie in the season when designing your case. Use a photo taken at the beach for the summertime and perhaps an autumn- or winter-themed case when the temperatures get colder. Conversely, you could use a summer-themed smartphone case to keep you warm in the cold winter months. Astronomic themes like the moon or stars in the sky also make really nice motifs for designing your case.

Smartphone Case with landscape motif

Smartphone Case with motivating and inspiring quotes

Keep your favorite quote, some wise words, or perhaps a funny saying always with you on your smartphone case. Maybe you enjoy quoting songs, movie quotes, or other famous sayings close to your heart since these are closely associated with a personal memory or life experience. You could even use sayings or words of wisdom, a life mantra as it were, to add to your case.

You could simply choose a fitting photo that will accentuate your quote, saying, or wise words on your smartphone case.


If using a quote from a movie or song lyrics, you could use a picture of the scene in the film or a photo of the band and then place the text in the photo.

Smartphone Case with a quote

How to get your favorite quote on to your smartphone case

Use an image-editing program of your choice to add text to your photos. Besides the standard desktop programs, there are also online tools available that make it easy to add text to your photos. One example of an online tool available is PicMonkey. Mobile apps such as Wordswag or PicsArt are also suitable.

Since the text on your smartphone case should be the central focus, it should be distinguishable from the background by using a strong color contrast. It’s best to use something like white text on a very dark and color-intensive background or, inversely, dark text on a light-colored background.

Once you’re done selecting what text and background you’d like to use, all you have to do then is select the font. There are basically no rules for this; it’s all a matter of personal taste. If certain words or sections of your text should be accentuated, you could do this by using different font styles or sizes. You could also accentuate the whole text by using a single-colored or transparent banner.

When adding text to the background, leave some space at the edge, so that beginning and end are readable and do not disappear around the side of the smartphone case.

Smartphone Case with sayings


You can make words of wisdom or funny sayings really stand out by using monochrome images or color gradients for the background.

Create your individual Smartphone Case

Once you have decided on a photo and a design idea, creating your Smartphone Case is easy: Just click on the Smartphone Case under the category ‘Photo gifts’ and off you go! First, choose your Smartphone model and decide on a surface finish. You can choose between matt and gloss finish for both iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models A glossy finish will really bring the colors to life on your case, while the matt finish looks more elegant. Both finishes have a special UV protection that helps preserves the colors.

Then you’ll have to choose which design you’d like to go with. You can choose to use only one photo or make a collage of up to six photos to design your smartphone case. In our examples, we only used designs featuring one photo so the text on each case would be optimally displayed.

Screenshot: Editor with photo collage


Design your Smartphone Case with more than one photo. Upload up to six photos into the editor and create your own collage.

Once the pictures are loaded into the editor, you can simply drag the photo into the smartphone case template and, if needed, reposition it. When you're happy with the preview, simply click ‘continue' and complete the order.

All of your phone connections and controls are fully accessible while the case is on, so there is no need to remove the case to charge it. In addition, the camera opening is reinforced for extra protection and the smartphone case is printed all around the sides and curves to give it a high quality look.

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