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Three self-created smartphone cases from ifolor

Ideas for Individualised Smartphone Cases

Use Your Own Photos and Quotes to Make an iPhone Case

Smartphone cases are available in many different colours and forms featuring various motifs and quotes. Even with the wide selection available nowadays, sometimes these options just aren’t individualised enough. Why not simply design your own ifolor smartphone case in a few easy steps? Here we’ll give you some ideas.

Design Your Smartphone Case with Your Own Memories and Photos

If you’d like to always have your fondest memories close at hand, you could design your smartphone case, for instance, using photos from one of your vacations. To this end, beautiful landscape photos work perfectly. Simply choose a photo and add, should you choose to, a quote or other words.

You could also directly tie in the season when designing your case. Use a photo taken at the beach for the summer time and perhaps an autumn- or winter-themed case when the temperatures get colder. Conversely, you could use a summer-themed smartphone case to keep you warm in the cold winter months. Astronomic themes like the moon or stars in the sky also make really nice motifs for designing your case.

A smartphone case from ifolor featuring a photo at the beach and the label “Paradise - Ko Tao”

Quotes, Sayings, and Words of Wisdom on Your Smartphone Case

If choosing to add some text to your case, you could use something like quotes, humorous sayings, or words of wisdom. Maybe you hold things like song lyrics, movie quotes, or other famous sayings close to your heart since these are closely associated with a personal memory or life experience. You could even use sayings or words of wisdom, a life mantra as it were, to add to your case.

Choose a fitting photo motif that will really accentuate your quote, saying, or wise words on your smartphone case.

Tip 1

If using a quote from a movie or song lyrics, you could use a picture of the scene in the film or a photo of the band and then place the text in the photo.

Tip 2

If using a quote from a movie or song lyrics, you could use a picture of the scene in the film or a photo of the band and then place the text in the photo.
An ifolor smartphone case with a moon motif and Neil Armstrong quote

Text Formatting and Contrasts

Use an image-editing program of your choice to add text to your photos. Besides the standard desktop programs, there are also online tools available that make it really easy to add text to your photos. One example of an online tool available is PicMonkey; you can also find more information about free image-editing software on Fotos fürs Leben (both links only available in German).

Since the text on your smartphone case should be the central focus, it should be distinguishable from the background by using a strong colour contrast. It’s best to use something like white text on a very dark and colour-intensive background or, inversely, dark text on a light-coloured background.

Once you’re done selecting what text and background you’d like to use, all you have to do then is select the font. There are basically no rules for this; it’s all a matter of personal taste. If certain words or sections of your text should be accentuated, you could do this by using different font styles or sizes. You could also accentuate the whole text by using a colourful or single-coloured banner.

When adding text to the background, you should make sure that the text doesn’t stretch across the whole width of the background since the case won’t only cover the rear side of your phone, but also the sides. Consequently, you should also make sure that the background is a bit wider than the text.

Design page of a smartphone case on

Ordering Your Smartphone Case

Ordering your ifolor smartphone case is really simple. Just go to ifolor’s website and you’ll find the smartphone case under the “Photo gifts” menu. Here you’ll have the ability to choose from all current iPhone models and if you’d like a matte or glossy finish. A glossy finish will accentuate the colours on your case a bit more. This comes along with the disadvantage, as opposed to going with a matte surface, that things like fingerprints, grime, and small scratches will be easier to see.

Then you’ll have to choose which design you’d like to go with. You can choose to use only one photo or make a collage of up to six photos to design your smartphone case. In our examples, we only used designs featuring one photo so the text on each case would be optimally displayed.

The smartphone case product page on the ifolor website displayed on a smartphone
After that you’ll have the choice of using photos from your computer, Facebook, or OneDrive. Then just drag the photo to the smartphone case template and, if needed, reposition it. Once you’re happy with your design, simply click on “continue” and conclude your order.

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