Individuelles Smartphone Case bei ifolor online erstellen

Design your smartphone case yourself

Upgrade your mobile phone with the ifolor smartphone case and your own photos

With ifolor you can design customised smartphone cases using your own photos. Making your smartphone totally unique and protecting it from scratches and damage at the same time thanks to the excellent quality case.

All-round protection

The tough smartphone cases from ifolor are scratch-resistant, solid plastic cases that protect your smartphone from damage. The mobile phone case is currently available for iPhones 4/4s/5/5c/5s/6/6s/6+/6s+/SE/7/7+, in matt or shiny look. The dimensions and slots fit your smartphone of course. This means: All the controls and connections are accessible, so the device does not have to be removed from the case for charging. The camera opening is even reinforced. Your mobile phone is protected by the smartphone case and fits perfectly in your hand. Special UV protection also guarantees long-lasting colours. In addition the smartphone case is printed all round, i.e. on the sides and rounded corners, which makes it even more superior quality.

Your one-off

Great one-offs can be really easily created using the various design templates and your photos. You have the choice between using an individual motif or collating up to six photos into one single collage. With several self-designed cases you can adapt your smartphone to your personal style or even the seasons: one for daytime, one for work, one for going out or an extravagant evening. Depending on the motif you can either choose between a matt or shiny surface.

One or more photos? More photos required

Several photos can be really easily collated into a single work of art using the collage function or even add individual photos of your loved ones together into a family group photo. You can of course also create your own collage using a photo editing program and upload it as a single photo.

Create Smartphone Case

Gift and design tips

Be it for your brother, best friend or a colleague: let your imagination run wild when creating your smartphone case. With a customised smartphone case you have the perfect gift with that personal touch. You can also insert a motto, a running gag between you and the recipient or a personal message as a motif. Or you can create two cases that relate to each other: the motif is only complete once the two smartphones are placed next to each other.


With ifolor you have various options for editing the photos on your smartphone case: using the online editor at you can optimise, adjust, rotate your photos or even change them to black and white online. The tried and tested red eye correction is also available under the design options. In this way you can create your very own smartphone case with just a few clicks, which will land in your letterbox within a few working days.

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