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The most popular photo book
Revel in memories with the classic photo book

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Flat pages
Create your memories over two photo book pages

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Beautiful moments all year long
Remember a special moment every month

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A yearbook for the whole family

Family life is colourful and full of unforgettable moments and exciting experiences that you like to recall time after time. Collect the most beautiful snapshots from the past year in a unique family yearbook to keep your favourite family moments forever.


Product recommendation
Photo book Deluxe

Create your family yearbook as a photo book Deluxe. Your family yearbook will be shown to best advantage with a choice of gloss or high-gloss inside pages. Thanks to the hardcover binding, the yearbook feels really good in your hands. Keep your favourite family moments forever, in a photo yearbook.

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Collaborative photo book

Ask family members to send photos, write small reports or some poetry. So everyone can add their own personal touch, creating a very private and unique family chronology.

Bring your book pages to life and create your family’s yearbook’s pages using playful design elements such as speech bubbles. Making the presentation of photos a bit more informal.


Your most striking travel experiences of the year

For many people, the holidays are the absolute highlight of the year. Whether it be a long journey, relaxed short holiday, or smaller weekend trips – the many different impressions from your travels will be yours to keep for a long time.


Product recommendation
Photo book Premium

Create your family yearbook as a photobook Premium. Even panoramic pictures can be shown off perfectly with flat-opening book pages.

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Social media posts

The most beautiful moments from holidays are gladly shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co. Screenshots of your social media posts combined with great travel photos make a nice change in your travel yearbook. The comments by friends and family under your post are sure to make you smile later.

Travel calendar

Capture memories of your travels in a calendar

Capture the best memories of your travels, holidays and short breaks in a photo calendar. Dedicate each month to a different destination or location to bring your memories of that moment to life again. Martina Bisaz shows you how to create a wall calendar Panorama and implement precisely this idea.

My favourites are going to see me through 2018 too
My favourites are going to see me through 2018 too
My favourites are going to see me through 2018 too


A photo book for the most exciting party experiences

There are lots of occasions to celebrate with friends and family. Keep last year’s unforgettable highlights in a party yearbook. This way you can always relive the great atmosphere of a milestone birthday, exciting festivals, or a spontaneous summer party.


Product recommendation
Photo book Soft

Create your party yearbook as a photo book Soft. The light softcover binding makes the photobook a handy companion, with which you can relive your most beautiful memories wherever you go. This way you can even look at the photo book at the next party with your friends and relive happy moments together.

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Memories in chaos

To make the memory of your party highlights perfect, add photos of the preparations before and the chaos after the party to the party yearbook. So remember to take photos of the lovely decorations and food and snacks you made when preparing. After a good party, the scene is often left in chaos. Snapshots of the traces of a wild party are great memories that definitely belong in the party yearbook.

Cocktail calendar

A different cocktail every month

Whether it’s as a gift or for yourself: the cocktail calendar is a great idea for the kitchen. There’s a different cocktail with recipe to follow for every month on each page of the calendar. Samira shows how you can design your cocktail calendar as a monthly planner in our article.

My favourites are going to see me through 2018 too
My favourites are going to see me through 2018 too
My favourites are going to see me through 2018 too


Design a photo book as a personal cookbook

It’s well known that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. So what could be better than giving someone their own personal cookbook? A book in which the recipient finds their favourite dishes shows how well you know the person you make happy here. And best of all: creating a cookbook is really easy.


Product recommendation
Photo book Spiral

The A4 photo book Spiral, for example, is perfect for your personal cook as it goes superbly in any kitchen with its flexible spiral binding and plastic outside pages.

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The personal touch

Design your cookbook with a very personal touch with small tips such as the best accompanying wine or side dish. For a yearbook look, you can design the book by seasons and devote a recipe to each month. The matching pictures and decorations make your cookbook unique.

All pictures from one year in a photo book