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My favourites are going to see me through the new year too

Mit Fotokalender die Wohnung verschönern

The year is coming to an end which is why I have dedicated myself to calendars this month. I have made a calendar for my parents, grandparents and other family members and friends almost every year since my childhood. It’s simply part of Christmas. Now I’ve had the opportunity to test various types of calendars and see which ones would suit me in future. I chose these four calendars for this: wall calendar Panorama, A4 portrait wall calendar, desk calendar and kitchen calendar.
I wanted to dedicate various themes that are important to me and my family to the calendars and therefore every calendar has a different motto.

As with the photo books and wall decorations, I’m very happy with the quality. The paper is lovely and thick and the print is also fantastically clear! Plus, the frosted, transparent cover gives the calendars an elegant modern look that I really like.

1. Wall calendar Panorama

I selected one of my favourite motifs for the wall calendar Panorama. My VW camper van. It had long been my dream to have a VW camper van. I love old things, am also influenced by my Dad a bit who loves vintage cars. Unfortunately, old VW camper vans are not very cheap and therefore it was just a dream for me for a very long time. But three years ago, I didn’t hang about when I saw this wonderful camper van online. 

Since then I have made several trips in Switzerland and around Switzerland with this little gem. Regrettably, I haven’t had time to take a longer trip yet. The problem is that the warmer months are pretty short here and there’s not much time left for travelling with my camper van. I deregister the camper van every winter and then longingly wait for spring when I can hit the road again. Which is why a calendar of my VW camper van is just the right thing to make me look forward to it even more. The photos are shown off wonderfully in this calendar. The calendar is pretty big and you need quite a bit of space for the beauty of the photos to be able to really shine.


2. Wall calendar

I wanted to make the A4 wall calendar for my parents. My Mum loves calendars with my photos and looks forward to a new one every year. My parents bought an old Engadin house in Latsch about 15 years ago which they fell in love with on the very first day. I did too. I love this house and what my parents have made out of it, just as I love the village and surrounding area too. This was also the reason why I built my own home here. But back to the calendar. I wanted to fill the calendar with the house’s different details: windows, doors, wall decorations, atmospheric photos of the rooms inside etc. I think the format is great for a slightly smaller room or small wall.


3. Desk calendar

The desk calendar is to decorate where I work. This means I wanted a theme that plays an important part in my life and is therefore always with me while I’m working too. And that’s my cat. Others would maybe make a calendar of their children, but as I don’t have any children, my cat is taking their place. I selected the photos according to the seasons, if I had suitable photos. This calendar very positively surprised me. I probably wouldn’t have ordered myself this kind of desk calendar but having received it I have to say that I am really impressed and would definitely order it again. The design is sleek and simple, just my cup of tea. And if you work at a desk with a computer it’s extremely practical to always be able to see the current month plus a photo that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.


4. Kitchen calendar

I chose the “mountains” theme for the kitchen calendar. The mountains are an important part of my life which is why they are also one of my favourite motifs. I instantly thought that this calendar would be perfect for my Grandma. She loves the mountains so much but lives in Basel and doesn’t get to see them often. She is absolutely thrilled every time she gets mountain photos from me in the form of a calendar. And the kitchen calendar is perfect for her because she can make a note of her appointments in it.


All the pictures in this feature were taken by Martina Bisaz and are subject to copyright.

Martina Bisaz neben ihrem orangefarbenen VW-Bus

Martina Bisaz

There is hardly any other Swiss person who has as many Instagram followers as her. Martina Bisaz, born in Grisons, impresses more than 261,000 followers with her landscape photos on the Instagram photo platform as kitkat_ch. The 36-year-old travels across Switzerland and all over the world in her vintage Fiat 500 and an orange VW camper van. And as with Heidi, it can also be said of Martina that the mountains are her world. Photos of impressive snow-capped mountains, turquoise blue alpine lakes and misty mountain ranges are her trademark.
Martina Bisaz quit her job as a scientific illustrator in 2017 and has been working as a freelance photographer and dedicating herself to her Instagram account since then. Martina writes a blog about the world of photography and photo products for the inspire photo blog from ifolor every month.

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