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    Immortalise your best recipes in a creative calendar

    It's the middle of the year and you notice that you could actually use another calendar? Or are you once again looking for the perfect gift for your friends? With a custom calendar you don't have to wait until the new year. Whether monthly, kitchen or desk calendar, you can simply decide to start your ifolor calendar in a month of your choosing.

    Virgin Mule

    Inspired by frosty winter days or your favourite drinks in general, I'll show you how you can easily create a personalised cocktail calendar with your all-time favourites.

    Take photos of your creations

    The best way to present your cocktails is outdoors. Use the warm light and vibrant colours of nature to bring life to your photographs. Exceptional structures or colourful backgrounds can also create a contrasting background for your drinks. If it's not that warm outside, the balcony or the windowsill with a beautiful exposure to the light is enough! And don't forget to put some decorations on or around the glass to make your pictures look especially beautiful! Whether you use fresh fruit or frozen ice, the sky's the limit for your imagination. The best ingredients are the ones you used to make your cocktail anyway.

    As you might expect, it can be quite a task to showcase twelve drinks. So it is also nice if you shoot a drink from different angles or against different backgrounds.

    Dark and Stormy Light
    Dark and Stormy Light

    Let your creative juices flow

    Once you have the pictures you would like to use for your customised cocktail calendar, it's time to add recipes. There are now plenty of programs available on the Internet to add beautiful fonts to your pictures quickly and easily - or you can simply use the ifolor templates. Try different styles and layouts, add playful elements like arrows or small illustrations or create boxes in Post-It style. The only limit is your imagination!

    Virgin White Russian

    Are you not comfortable with online image editing? No worries, just add the recipes afterwards. You can easily achieve the same results with crayons or waterproof markers and also get creative with your drawing skills.

    Cocktail Calendar

    My tip

    Be inspired by the seasons when designing your calendar and choose a recipe with seasonal ingredients for each month! Bring some pep into October with an autumnal pumpkin spice latte or start the spring with a refreshing elderflower spritz.

    Really easy to order

    The last step is very easy: Upload the finished images to the online editor and arrange them over the twelve months. The monthly planner is best suited for this. The practical folding calendar offers plenty of space for your best photos and the most important dates. Combined with your cocktail recipes, it brings an extra dose of pizzazz to your kitchen and will put you in the right mood for the season!

    It also makes a great gift And as mentioned before: the calendar is also perfect as a personal gift for your friends! It is an eye catcher in every home and at the same time you will be sharing your best recipes. And who knows, maybe you will be greeted with one of your cocktail creations on your next visit. You'll find even more great gift ideas in our photo gifts section! 

    Are you feeling inspired, but you still need recipe ideas? Then let yourself be inspired by my delicious recipe suggestions:

    Virgin Mule: fresh lime, ginger beer and cucumber

    Virgin White Russian: espresso, coffee syrup and cream

    Grapefruit Rosemary Mocktail: fresh rosemary, grapefruit juice and soda water

    Ingo: ginger syrup, lime slices, prosecco, soda water and mint

    Virgin Mojito: lime slices, cane sugar, fresh mint, crushed ice and ginger ale

    Baby Colada: coconut syrup, orange juice, pineapple juice and cream

    Blueberry Mojito: mint, fresh blueberries, lime wedges, sugar and soda water

    Raspberry Bee’s Knees: soda water, fresh lemon, honey and fresh raspberries

    Rosanna (Solheure Classic): rose bloom syrup, white wine and soda water

    Chai Latte: milk, espresso and chai essence

    Dark and Stormy Light: lime slices, a bit of pineapple juice and ginger beer

    Sparkling Raspberry: prosecco, tonic water and frozen raspberries


    All photos were produced courtesy of the Bar Restaurant Lounge Solheure in Solothurn.


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