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Cocktail Calendar

DIY – cocktail calendar

Immortalise your best recipes in a creative calendar

It’s the middle of the year and you notice that you could actually do with another calendar? You don’t have to wait until the new year starts. Whether it’s a monthly, kitchen or desk calendar, you can simply start your calendar with the month of your choice.

Virgin Mule

The summer is slowly coming to an end and we are enjoying the autumn rays of sunshine on the balcony or in our garden at home. Inspired by the warm temperatures and long summer evenings, I am going to show you how you can really easily create a personalised cocktail calendar with your favourites.

Take photos of your creations

Your cocktails can be staged most beautifully outdoors. Use the warm light and nature’s bright colours to bring life to your photos. Unusual structures and colourful surfaces provide a background that contrasts strongly with your drinks. Don’t forget about the garnishing on or around the glass to make your photos look really aesthetic! Whether it’s fresh fruits or cool ice, there are no limits to your imagination! The ingredients you used for your cocktail are ideal in any case.

It is of course pretty time consuming to set up and stage twelve drinks. It’s therefore great if you can photograph a drink from various perspectives or against different backgrounds.

Dark and Stormy Light
Dark and Stormy Light

Get creative

As soon as you have all the photos that you would like to use for your personalised cocktail calendar, you need to insert the recipes. In the meantime there are plenty of programs online to simply and quickly integrate beautiful writing into your photos – or you can simply use the
ifolor templates. Try out different styles and positions, insert playful elements like arrows or little illustrations or create post-it style boxes. There are no limits to your imagination.

Virgin White Russian

You’re not good at online photo editing? Not a problem, simply insert the recipes afterwards. The same results can be achieved really easily with crayons or permanent markers and you can also do some drawing at the same time.

Cocktail Calendar

My tip

Be inspired by the seasons when creating your calendar and choose a recipe with seasonal ingredients for every month! Add some pep to October with an autumnal Pumpkin Spice Latte or start spring with a refreshing Elderflower Spritz.

Really easy to order

The last step is very simple: Upload the finished photos in the online editor and spread them over the twelve months. The monthly planner is best suited for this. The practical folding calendar provides plenty of space for your most beautiful photos and the most important appointments. Along with your cocktail recipes, it adds an extra portion of pizazz to your kitchen and reminds you of warm summer days throughout the year!

Cocktail Calendar

Do you feel motivated but don’t have any recipe ideas? Then be inspired by my delicious recipe suggestions:

Virgin Mule: fresh lime, ginger beer and cucumber

Virgin White Russian: espresso, coffee syrup and cream

Grapefruit Rosemary Mocktail: fresh rosemary, grapefruit juice and soda water

Hugo: elderflower syrup, lime slices, prosecco, soda water and mint

Virgin Caipirinha: lime slices, cane sugar, crushed ice and ginger ale

Baby Colada: coconut syrup, orange juice, pineapple juice and cream

Blueberry Mojito: mint, fresh blueberries, lime wedges, sugar and soda water

Raspberry Bee’s Knees: soda water, fresh lemon, honey and fresh raspberries

Belezza (Solheure Classic): quince syrup, white wine and soda water

Pumpkin Spice Latte: milk, espresso and pumpkin spice syrup

Dark and Stormy Light: lime slices, a bit of pineapple juice and ginger beer

Sparkling Raspberry: prosecco, tonic water and frozen raspberries


All photos were produced courtesy of the Bar Restaurant Lounge Solheure in Solothurn.


Samira Hammami

Samira is actually an art history student, but she has always had a passion for writing. It all started with small blog articles about her biggest hobby: traveling.
Now she writes about all sorts of creative aspects of life, and for some time she has also been supporting ifolor with her articles. Because she is most drawn towards reporting she is especially happy to be starting a master degree course in Cultural Journalism in September.

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