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  • A photo book cover design for an 18th birthday

    Design a Personalised Photo Book for Their 18th Birthday

    Tips for This Individualised Gift to Mark Their Transition into Adulthood

    The day a child turns 18 is a very important day: now they’re all grown up and the world is completely opened up to them. Countless possibilities and experiences are waiting to be discovered by these young grown-ups. Mark this very special occasion for your son or daughter by designing a personalised photo book that will showcase their most cherished childhood memories and important milestones achieved while growing up. Here we’ll give you tips on how you can create a one-of-a-kind and memorable photo book for the 18th birthday of your child.

    Choose and Arrange the Photos

    You’re sure to have taken quite a few photos over the course of the last 18 years. When selecting which photos to use, it’s easiest to go in chronological order and start with the birth of your child or their first baby photos. If you don’t already have some of your older photos available in a digital format, you can easily scan them with your smartphone.

    A photo book for their 18th birthday - not every photo has to be picture-perfect

    To ensure the designing of your photo book goes along quickly and smoothly later, you should order your selected photos in a file in a clear arrangement, e.g. according to the year they were taken, theme, or the occasion. The photos also don’t have to be perfect quality; as long as the snapshots have some kind of personal value, they’re sure to help make your 18th birthday photo book even livelier.

    Arranging the Photo Book up to Adulthood

    Once you’ve selected and sorted through your best photos, it’s time to consider the photo book’s arrangement. In order to depict the development of your child from a baby to a young adult, you could go with one of several arrangements. One option is to order the pictures according to your child’s age and showcase the most memorable events from each year of their lives. You could add the age of your child to each photo or page and perhaps add small anecdotes to really bring these precious moments to life.

    Alternatively, you could arrange your photo book according to themes and, for instance, make a collage of photos from each family vacation or create a section called “milestones” and use photos from important occasions like their baptism, first day of school, and other special events leading right up to their school graduation. On each page you can add a heading to name the respective theme and you can also add small comments to the pictures to say what you remember about these special moments.

    Retaining Important Milestones

    From their first day being home to their first day of school and graduation day, you’re sure to have experienced many important moments with your child that you all like to look back fondly upon. Eternalise your child’s most important milestones and memories of their closest friends and showcase these in their photo book. You can also photograph memorabilia like humorous children’s drawings or their favourite stuffed animal.

    Design your Coming of Age Photo Book now

    A photo book for their 18th birthday - showcasing important milestones

    Accentuate Their Personality

    Bring together all of your child’s most cherished memories from their childhood and youth that characterised your child while growing up in their 18th birthday photo book. When did your child first discover their favourite food and what were their first hobbies? Let your child’s personality speak through their photos and create a photo book full of personal memories and favourite moments that they’ll look back fondly upon with a smile on their face.

    The 18th Birthday ifolor Photo Book

    Create this personalised photo book for your child with ease either online or download our free photo book software, the ifolor Designer. You’ll have numerous templates and design possibilities at your fingertips. Adorn your photos with clip art, add speech bubbles and text, or accentuate your photos with various borders. You can individually design each page in the photo book by choosing a suitable layout and background.

    A photo book for their 18th birthday - an individualised design

    Especially older and scanned photos don’t always have an optimal image resolution. When designing your photo book, make sure to pay attention to the quality report shown next to each placed photo. Should your photos not have an optimal resolution, an optimal image quality in the photo book cannot be guaranteed. If an orange check mark is shown, you should make the photo smaller by placing it in a smaller image placeholder.

    Should a red check mark appear, it’s recommended to change out the photo for one that has a higher resolution. In order to optimize the image quality of your pictures, you can use the ifolor Designer to make small edits to your photos before placing them in the photo book.

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