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Create an 18th birthday photo book

Tips for a great personalised coming of age gift!

Turning 18 is a very special day in the life of every teenager: When they reach the age of majority, a whole new world opens up! Countless opportunities and experiences await the young adult. Why not make the most of this important day in the life of your son or daughter by creating a personal photo book that shows the best childhood memories and most important milestones in their life. We’ll give you tips on how to create a unique keepsake for your child’s 18th!

18th Birthday

Select and organise photos

You end up taking a lot of photos over 18 years. When choosing pictures, it is best to proceed chronologically and start with the birth or the first baby photos. If you don’t have old photos available in digital form, you can easily scan them using your smartphone.

To speed up the creation of your photo book later on, you should sort your selected photos clearly into folders – for example, by years or themes and events. Don’t just choose perfect shots, but also use snapshots with a special sentimental value to make the 18th birthday photo book even more memorable.

Structure of the 18th birthday photo book

After you have selected and sorted your best pictures, you should think about the photo book’s structure. To show the different stages of your child becoming a young adult, various structure types are suitable: Arrange the photos by age and show the best memories from the respective period. Add the age of your child to the photos and relive the best moments with short anecdotes.

Alternatively, you can structure your photo book by theme, for example by bringing together pictures from every family holiday in a collage or, under the heading “Milestones”, compiling photos from the christening to starting school and other special experiences up to graduation. On each page, add the subject as a caption and comment on the pictures with your memories of that moment. You’re sure to make the birthday boy or girl reminisce!

Record important milestones

From the first day at home, to starting school and graduation, you’ll share numerous important moments with your child that everyone will always remember fondly. Immortalise your child’s biggest milestones and most important friends and document them on the pages of the photo book. Take a photo or scan a memento, such as a fun kid’s drawing or favourite cuddly toy. Or maybe you even have access (through social media, for example) to selfies, fun snapshots with best friends, or other great memories that can be used in your custom photo book.

Did you find a snapshot or milestone you particularly like? Cherish this and use it to create a cool photo phone case – either for the birthday boy or girl or just for you. Customisable with many photos, in matt or glossy, and for all current iPhone or Samsung smartphones!

A photo book for their 18th birthday - showcasing important milestones

Highlight their personality – as every person is unique!

Use the 18th birthday photo book to bring together all the wonderful experiences from childhood and adolescence with what makes your child the person they are as he or she gets older. When did your child discover their current favourite food and what were their first hobbies? Let your child’s personality come through in the pictures and make the photo book a very personal album full of memories and favourite moments to reminisce and smile about.

The ifolor 18th birthday photo book

Create your child’s personal photo book easily online or download the free photo book software, ifolor Designer,– or even more easily directly with the ifolor app! You can choose from a wide range of templates and design options. Decorate your photos with clip art, add speech bubbles and text, or highlight the images with different frames. Customise each page by choosing the right layout and different backgrounds.

A photo book for their 18th birthday - an individualised design

Some photos are not always available in the optimal resolution, especially if they’re older or scanned. When designing your photo book, pay attention to the quality indicator that appears for each photo you place. If you see an orange check mark, you should resize the photo by inserting it into a smaller image placeholder. If a red check mark appears, it is recommended that you replace the corresponding image entirely with a higher resolution photo. To optimise the image quality of your photos, you can also make small changes to the shots in Designer

Did we inspire you? Or are you still not quite sure which photo book is the right one for you? Whether it’s a deluxe photo book, a photo book with premium photo paper or one with spiral binding – there’s a suitable customisable photo book for everyone!


Deluxe Photo Book

Our bestseller can be ordered in several formats – ideal if you have a lot of pictures and don’t know exactly how to arrange them!


Premium Photo Paper Photo Book

This photo book with premium photo paper is particularly suitable for a few large pictures that look especially great on real photo paper.
Tip: the grandparents will love it too! Order a photo book twice and give it as a Christmas or birthday present.



Is your kid planning a gap year? Maybe even on the other side of the world? Then a booklet makes for the perfect gift as it is space-saving and robust. The birthday boy or girl will always have their family with them as a loving reminder!

If you also want to give the happy birthday boy or girl something small, we recommend the Magic Photo Mug. It’ll look good on any breakfast table in the first flat of their own, where, as if by magic, the photo print will appear when a hot drink is poured in. A little extra: vouchers are the perfect thing to put in the photo mug – whether for driving lessons or a first trip without mum and dad!



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