• Inspired for Christmas

    Inspired for Christmas

    The most wonderful time of the year: The whole family comes together, the house is bright with lights and decorations, and our thoughts go to giving instead of taking. We have put together some creative ideas for turning your photos into the perfect gifts for Christmas, for young and old alike. Among these articles, there are also lots of tips for family activities and Christmas decorations, always involving your photos.
    Christmas is the time for family, love, and, of course, presents. The quest for finding the right Christmas present for a friend, a family member, or a partner sometimes starts early, and other times is a matter of great urgency. Often, we just don't know what to get them or they haven't expressed any specific wishes themselves. A trip to the stores is usually more frustrating than helpful, as the Christmas gifts there are run-of-the-mill products that don't really show you've put thought into them. But fear not, there are many great ideas for personal as well as beautiful and useful gifts you can design yourself! In these ifolor inspire articles, you will find inspiration not only for Christmas gifts, but also Christmas decoration and activities for the whole family. Of course, all of them involve your beautiful photos, which is what makes our ifolor products really special and personal.