Christmas card trends: Check out the loveliest ideas for Christmas card photos

Christmas card trends:
Check out the loveliest ideas for Christmas card photos

Looking for ideas for taking Christmas card photos? We listed the hottest Christmas card trends of the season to help you plan your cards – save the best ideas for later!

Grab your camera, it's time for a Christmas card photoshoot! A Christmas card with your own photo is a lovely way to remember your loved ones near and far. To save you the time and hassle of trying to come up with Christmas card photo ideas, we compiled a list of the most popular Christmas card trends right now. With these inspiring Christmas photo shoot ideas, you can take amazing photos and turn them into unique Christmas cards for your loved ones.

1. A family portrait always brings joy

When it comes to Christmas cards, a family portrait is a true, timeless classic. Before you gather your family members together, plan your photoshoot and choose the style of your photo: something casual and relaxed or traditional and formal? You can set the mood you want using outfits, accessories and various props. Also, choose a suitable background or milieu for your photo. If you are indoors, you can create a warm and cosy atmosphere, whereas outdoors the glowing autumn colours or a wintery landscape will add their own magic to the shot. There is more natural light for outdoor pictures in the autumn than in the winter when the days get shorter.

2. Spread the true magic of Christmas

Children are known for being true to themselves, which makes them the real stars of Christmas cards. Capture the delight, anticipation or mischief of the little ones in your family in your Christmas card photo, and convey this emotion to the recipient. When photographing kids, be patient and take the situations as they come. Let the kids be kids and allow their personality to shine through the photos. Often the shots where something surprising or unexpected happens feel most authentic. By making your Christmas card photoshoot a yearly tradition, even your most distant relatives can see how the little Christmas elves in your family grow year by year.

2. Spread the true magic of Christmas

3. Baby's first Christmas

A baby's first Christmas is a special time for the whole family. A Christmas card is the perfect way to preserve this meaningful time and share your joy with relatives. Lay the baby down on a fluffy carpet in a cute outfit or have them wonder at a present under the twinkling Christmas lights. And who said your card should only have one photo on it? Your phone is probably full of the best bits of your baby's first year, which will create a heart-warming Christmas photo collage. Touch the hearts of the recipients by adding multiple adorable photos on your card.

4. A taste of your Christmas preparations

Do you want to choose a photo for your Christmas card where nobody is standing on ceremony? A Christmas card with a photo is always more interesting when there’s some action in the picture. How about taking a snapshot of your family's Christmas preparations? Lighting the candles, decorating your home and doing some Christmas baking are popular themes for photos on Christmas cards. This also gives you a good chance to spend some time with your loved ones.

5. Focus on your pet

Pets are important members of the family and guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone's face. They never cease to surprise you with their quirky expressions and hilarious mischief. Whether it’s a cat inspecting your Christmas tree decorations, a hamster lying casually next to a set of lights, a bunny sprawled out on a bed of straw or a dog waiting impatiently for some treats, a Christmas card is a great way to share these fun moments with your friends and relatives.

Focus on your pet

6. Capture the magic of winter

A snow-covered landscape sets the fairy-tale scene for your Christmas card photos. It's no wonder that winter landscape photos are a popular choice for Christmas cards. In addition to stunning nature shots, you can also capture fun winter activities on your Christmas cards. Take a picture when you go downhill sledding, cutting down a Christmas tree or drinking hot cocoa at a lean-to. A photo of a snowman greeting people in your yard or the whole family making snow angels together will also make the recipient’s day. Perhaps you’re lucky and manage to take a photo when it snows. Snowflakes floating down from the sky add a touch of magic to any photo.

7. Love and big announcements

A sprinkle of romance always works on Christmas card photos! Capture a tender moment with your partner and turn it into a memorable Christmas card. You can also hide a secret in a Christmas card photo. Whether it's an engagement, a new home, a new addition to your family or some other major event, a Christmas card is a lovely way to announce the big news to your loved ones.

8. Add some humour to it!

Ho ho ho! There’s always room for a bit of silliness. How about putting on a pair of reindeer antlers and playing the role of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Or making a splash with a jolly Christmas sweater? Simply adding some small details can make your photo more cheerful. What’s best, a photo with a touch of humour can also make the recipient chuckle.

9. Snapshot of the Christmas spirit

You can also take a photo of the Christmas spirit without including any people in it. For example, a photo of some candles or delicious gingerbread cookies can be a lovely addition to your Christmas card. If you love making crafts, take a photo of something you’ve created. If could be a festive wreath, a gingerbread house, a Christmassy arrangement, a felt elf or a crochet bauble you've made.

10. Order well in time

When you have the perfect photo, it's time to order your Christmas cards. Place your order now so you’ll have plenty of time to send out Christmas cards to your loved ones well before Christmas.

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