Christmas gift tips for remembering loved ones living abroad

Christmas gift tips for remembering loved ones living abroad

While the distance may be long, the sense of intimacy is still huge. A relative or friend living abroad is important, and present in thoughts and memories. Being in love is not easy, and at Christmas that feeling only intensifies. Make it easy to miss and delight your loved ones by making them personalized Christmas cards and photo gifts from your own photos!

Share warm thoughts in a personal way

Even though dear people are not next door, they are in the mind - that feeling cannot be taken away from us by distance! The pandemic has taught us all new ways to stay in touch virtually online and over the phone. Would it now be time for new Christmas traditions, such as a joint mulled wine moment with a Messenger video connection or the opening of Christmas presents so that Teams conveys mutual joy and a wonderful Christmas atmosphere? While a virtual connection is an awesome invention, once the connection is over, there is only a dark screen in front of it. That is why a tangible memory, card or gift for a friend is just right for the Christmas atmosphere. The feeling of closeness is best conveyed by a photo gift made from one's own photographs, where the time spent together and good memories glow.

Please remember to act on time - check delivery dates

How in the world does that Christmas always surprise? Accuracy is worthwhile, as cards and Christmas presents abroad need to be mailed very early.

Christmas cards and packages must be sent to the United States and other more distant countries before mid-November, and even to those sent to the Nordic countries in December. The exact dates you can find on the carrier's website.

When you delight your loved ones with personalized photo gifts, take the time to design and order products. Generally, Photo Gifts should be ordered 4- 12 days prior to shipping.

Christmas gift tips for friends and relatives abroad

What kind of gifts to send to friends and relatives? Homemade gifts such as wool socks and photo books are best received with thought and a big heart. Domestic longing is also alleviated by Fazer's mouth-watering coffees. Sounds plain and boring? Not sure, because photo gifts are completely unique and unique, designed by you from your own photos. Even a traditional coffee box gets a whole new personal dimension when you choose a photo that appeals to the recipient of that claim.

For your convenience, we’ve gathered tips on Christmas gifts and hit products that you can design to be completely individual.


A nature or family photo as a puzzle, board or poster

A loved one living abroad may want a white Christmas or other important memory of nature. Choose a good nature photo and make a poster, board or puzzle that looks like tea. There are plenty of options and different sizes, from a mini board to large interior boards or even sticker posters. A good old puzzle is suitable for the leisurely moments of Christmas, but now made from your own photo. The number of pieces for a popular Christmas gift is 50-1500 pieces

Picture book

Ein Fotobuch ist ein Geschenk, das man immer wieder gerne anschaut

Setze Bilder von Erlebnissen, Partys oder einer gemeinsamen Reise in einem Fotobuch in Szene und schreibe ein paar nette Texte dazu. An einem Fotobuch haben wir lange Freude, denn es weckt Emotionen und Erinnerungen, die man immer wieder gerne aufleben lässt. Das Erstellen eines Fotobuchs bringt viel Spass und Vergnügen, aber nimm dir unbedingt genug Zeit dafür!


Ever-wonderful Christmas card with your own picture

Nothing beats a physical Christmas card with a carefully selected relevant image! A Christmas memory from years, a picture of a family or a child, a favorite landscape or a delicate moment in nature - you decide the picture and the mood. You can send a Christmas card directly from the Ifolor app, we will mail it to a recipient anywhere in the world for you.

More photo gift ideas

Calendar of nature photos or family, completely individual photo mug, coasters decorated with your own photos… There is plenty of choice in photo gifts, no matter what! See more great Christmas gift ideas that touch the recipient.

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