• Personalised Postcards as Gift Tags for Christmas

    Crafting Gift Tags out of Postcards

    Whether it’s Santa Claus himself that brings the gifts or other people, every gift should reach the right recipient. It’s of course possible to simply write the recipient’s name on the wrapping paper with a pen, but this isn’t possible to do on every kind of paper. We’ll show you how you can design your own small set of gift tags with ease and add your own Christmas greetings.

    The Right Motifs

    The postcards from ifolor are available in traditional A6 format or in portrait/landscape panoramic format. During the ordering process, you’ll have about 170 different templates to choose from in the designer. You can choose to use a full-sized family photo, create a collage of your year’s highlights, or use one of the approximately 70 different Christmas layouts in which you can place your own photos and text.

    The Right Motifs

    After choosing which template you’d like to use, upload your photos. You can upload as many photos as you wish; you don’t have to use all of them when designing your card. This makes it possible to try out many different variations before you make a final decision. If you choose the “Collage” layout, you can automatically mix and remix your photos to discover other possibilities. The postcards shown in this article display the “Gold” template with puckered lips in the photo for a personal touch and a “Merry Christmas” greeting for family and friends.

    With a Christmas Greeting

    On the reverse side of the card you’ll see the typical layout of a postcard with address lines, a box for adding the stamp, and a lot of room for adding your lovely message. You can either write your message by hand or you could print out your cards with your personalised Christmas greeting. In our gift tags, we simply added the “To:” and “From:” and printed this out with a short message. You can add the name of the gift’s recipient and giver later with a pen. When formulating what to print out on your card, keep in mind that all 10 cards will be printed with the same message. Thus, you should always leave some room for adding the gift recipient’s name later.

    With a Christmas Greeting

    The Panorama Card for Folding

    A second variant is to use a panorama card in either portrait or landscape format. The panorama format is especially well suited when you’d like to fold the gift tag to attach to your present. Design your card with a collage of your fondest memories and make sure to arrange the photos in a way that leaves a bit of space in the middle of the card. This will be where you’ll fold the card later. The inside of the small folded card also contains the typical postcard layout.

    Once you receive your personalised photo cards in the mail, all you’ll have left to do is label them, hole punch them, and finally affix them to your presents with ribbon.

    Your presents featuring your personalised gift tags are sure to catch people’s attention this Christmas.

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