Personalised Postcards as Gift Tags for Christmas

Creating Gift Tags Made Out Of Postcards

Using your own photos and adding a personal message

People like to attach gift tags to presents so that the recipient receives the right present. They can be used for christmas, birthday and wedding presents. Once you have received your gift tags all you have to do is write the name of the recipient on them. Give your gift a personal touch with an individually designed gift tag. We will show you how you can easily create your own gift tags and add a personal message.

The Right Motifs For Postcards

The Postcards from ifolor are available in traditional A6 format or in portrait/landscape panoramic format. Whilst placing your order you can choose from around 170 different templates via the ifolor Designer. You can choose a large family photo format, create a collage and show all the good times of the past year or select one of the numerous designs in which you can incorporate your pictures and text. You can choose from a variety of designs that are simple or suitable for any occasion.

Postcard with photo as gift tag

You can upload your photos once you have chosen which template you’d like to use. You can upload as many photos as you like as you don’t necessarily have to use them all. This is a good idea as you can try out different photos to see which one looks the best before you make your final decision. Another great design idea is choosing the “Collage” layout, which allows you to mix various photos.

Are you still looking for creative ideas to give your gifts a personal touch? Get inspired by our gift wrapping tips!

Creatively wrapping gifts

We will show you different gift wrapping ideas such as Kimono style, upcycling and much more. These gift wrapping ideas will make your gifts really stand out and they will look fantastic.

Photo products used as gift wrapping

Discover the other photo products from ifolor as they are great as gift wrapping. You could use a photo bag instead of a standard gift bag, Photo Stickers to decorate gifts or you could use a Photo Poster as wrapping paper.

Adding a personal message

On the back of the postcard there is a typical postcard layout with address lines, a box for the stamp and a lot of space to add a personal message. You can either write your message or you could print out your postcards with your personalised Christmas wishes. On our gift tags, we have simply added “To:” and “From:” and printed this out with a short message. You can add the name of the recipient afterwards with a pen. When you are thinking about what to write on your postcard you will need to keep in mind that all 10 postcards will be printed with the same message. Therefore, it is a good idea to leave some space so that you can add the name of the recipient afterwards.


Do you sometimes find it difficult to find the right words for Christmas? We have put together some nice ideas for you.

Personalised greeting on the back of the DIY gift tag

Folding Panorama Card

Another option would be the Panorama Card, which is available in either portrait or landscape format. The panorama format is especially well suited to gifts where you would like to fold the gift tag to attach it to your gift. Design your card with a collage of your best memories and make sure to arrange the photos so that there is still enough space in the middle of the card as this is where you’ll need to fold the card later. The inside of the small folded card also contains a typical postcard layout.

Once you have received your personalised Postcards in the post all you’ll have left to do is label them, hole punch them and finally attach them to your presents with some ribbon.

The personalised gift tags allow you to add a personal touch to your Christmas presents.

Personalised Key Chain and trendy Photo Strips used as creative gift tags.

Creative gift tags: Key Chain and Photo Strips

The customisable ifolor Key Chain and trendy Photo Strips are great as gift tags. Personalise them by using shared photos, a picture of your pet or a picture of you and the recipient.


You can use Photo Strips and also the self-designed postcards as gift tags either by simply sliding them under the ribbon, punching holes through the edges and pulling a string or some ribbon through to attach them, or by punching holes on the two opposite sides to pull the ribbon through the two holes and then attach it to your DIY gift tag.

Key Chain gift tags

The ifolor Key Chain comes in four different shapes and you can easily hang it on your gift thanks to the ring. The front can be printed with a picture of your choice.

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Using Photo Strips to create fantastic gift tags

The photo strips from ifolor can be customised with up to 4 photos and you can also add a personal message. They are perfect as personalised gift tags. The trendy Photo Strips are available in a set of 5 and they come nicely wrapped in a kraft envelope.

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