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    Creative Gift Wrapping

    You want to make sure that your presents underneath the Christmas tree really catch people’s attention? With creative and personalised gift-wrap, you’ll be sure to draw attention to your presents even before they’re opened. Cost-effective and requiring little effort, you can make unforgettable gift-wrap using your best photos with these ideas:


    DIY Gift Box Made of Photo Paper with Folding Instructions

    You can use an A4-sized maxi greeting card to create your very own small and stable gift box. If you require something a bit bigger, you can go for the photo poster smart. Besides the picture, all you’ll need for this gift-wrap are tape and a pair of scissors. Designs with multiple photos work best for this idea in order to ensure that no important parts of your picture(s) are cut off or hidden during the wrapping process. This gift box is especially perfect for monetary gifts, jewellery, something you’ve knitted yourself, or a collection of smaller gifts. Top off the gift box with a bow in a suitable colour and behold the result! Perhaps your loved ones will even save the gift box and use it to store their valuables.


    Greeting Card or Digital Photo as a Personal Gift Tag

    Presents with simple wrapping paper are very popular nowadays and there is a huge selection of wrapping paper in natural tones. Bows also don’t always have to be large and colourful. A length of non-extravagant cord or hemp complements simple gift-wrap perfectly. In order to lend your gift tag a completely individualised note, design a postcard with personalised motifs or simply print out digital photos in a format of your choosing and cut your own tag from the photo. The colourful photo tag is simple to affix to the gift with a small band and puts off a great contrast to the simple wrapping.

    Alternative: Use a pair of pinking shears to cut out your own individualised stamp from a photo and glue it to the gift.


    Vintage Look: Natural Materials Plus a Sepia or Black-and-white Photo

    Use natural materials like twigs or pinecones to decorate your Christmas present. Complement your beautiful photo greeting card in sepia tones or black and white with your own personal greetings for Christmas. You can also use a more eye-catching colour for this idea should you choose to do so. Instead of using brown packing paper, you could use a loud shade of red and then choose a fitting photo with green hues.

    Tip: use at least two different ties and cords on matte wrapping paper. This will look especially classy.


    Create Your Own Wine Label Using Your Own Photos

    This classic is back with a new look - self-made labels are easy to affix to wine bottles to make them a bit more personalised. For this idea, simply design a digital photo or a greeting card with your own pictures and message. You could perhaps use a family picture or a snapshot of the last family outing or vacation. To top off the gift, you could add a personal greeting or a gift certificate for something you can enjoy together. Whether in a simple, classy, or loud style, you can use your own personal creativity when designing the label. Both the recipient and their palate alike are sure to enjoy this one-of-a-kind indulgence.


    A Hidden Photo

    Accentuate your photo gift-wrap in a special manner. A large-format photo combined with especially classy wrapping paper, such a metallic tone, will produce great results. Rip or burn a big hole in the gift-wrap in the corresponding size of your photo and tape your photo underneath. Then continue wrapping your present carefully to ensure that the photo is still visible through the hole. You won’t need a bow for this wrapping idea. Fitting motifs for this idea are portraits, family or group photos, landscapes, or even close-ups of fruits or other colourful foodstuffs. In the photo you could also hide a hint of what is packed inside the gift.

    Ifolor tip: if you’d like to give someone a photo in a frame, aluminium dibond, or on acrylic glass, this wrapping idea works especially well.

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