Creative ways to wrap your gifts with individually designed photo products.

Wrapping gifts with photo products

Get creative with gift wrapping by using ifolor photo products

Would you like to give a gift voucher, concert tickets or a nice wellness gift and are you still looking for a creative way to wrap your gift? Many of ifolor's photo products are great for using as a gift wrapping and they also add a personal touch to your gift at the same time. Discover our ideas for creative gift wrapping made with photo products you've designed yourself.

Use photo posters as wrapping paper or create a photo box for wrapping gifts.

Using a photo poster as wrapping paper

Design a photo poster and use it as personalised gift wrapping. You can create it by choosing your favourite photo or making an entire collage filled with your favourite pictures. Choose the size and shape of the photo poster to match the gift you're wrapping. Then choose whether the surface of the poster should be matt or glossy and upload your photos. In just a few clicks, your individually designed wrapping paper is on its way to you.


By using image editing tools and apps like Canva, you can use patterns to create your own wrapping paper design. You can also combine ready-made templates and coloured shapes with photos.

Putting a gift in a personalised photo tin

Photo tins from ifolor are great to use as gift wrapping! The tin is ideal for gifts such as sweets or homemade biscuits as well as jewellery, perfume or a voucher for a special experience. For artists and craft fans, you can also fill the box with useful utensils and high-quality pens, brushes and the like. The box can then be used later to store painting utensils or other sentimental things. The tin is reusable which makes it a great reusable gift box. Choose a suitable tin from the various shapes and design it with your favourite photo. Or why not try and match it with the contents.

Unique gift wrapping: put sweets, homemade chocolates and a voucher in a photo mug or photo bowl.

Design a photo mug or ceramic bowl and use it as creative gift wrapping

The photo mug and ceramic bowl make excellent gift wrapping, which you can then fill with a homemade baking mix, your favourite sweets or a small wellness gift. Not only can you personalise them, but they can also be put to good use after the gift has been given. Print and add a short message, a favourite photo or a small collage of great memories to it. Alternatively, you could design a Christmas or an easter mug or bowl by choosing a pattern that matches the season or occasion.


Line the ceramic bowl or photo mug with a matching napkin or some colourful tissue paper to add the finishing touches to your gift wrapping.

Decorate gift wrapping with photo stickers or make your own gift tags.

Decorating gift wrapping with photo stickers

The photo stickers from ifolor in round or square format are perfect for adding a personal touch to your wrapped gifts. Alternatively, you can use the stickers and some craft card or kraft paper to make cool gift tags on which you can write the name and a personal message for the recipient. You can order the photo stickers in no time at all by first choosing round or square format and then uploading your photos to be featured on the stickers. You can create a whole sheet with the same design or add a different photo to each sticker.

Creatively wrapping and decorating gifts

We'll show you how to creatively wrap and stylishly decorate your photo products.

Use key rings with a photo or photo strips as individual gift tags.

Create personalised gift tags

Add an extra personal touch with an individually designed gift tag. The ifolor key ring and photo strips are great as personalised gift tags!

Design a fantastic key ring

The key ring presents your picture on high-quality artificial leather and is available in four different shapes. Simply choose the shape you would like, upload your photo and you will have a very special key ring gift tag in no time at all. Use a photo of the person you're giving the gift to or a nice photo you took together. Alternatively, you can print the first name or nickname or a short text onto the tag by using Canva to create a matching design with font.

Trendy photo strips

We deliver the photo strips in a set of 5 and you can design each one individually with up to four photos and text. This makes them ideal for using as a gift tags. Choose one or more pictures to go with the gift or choose photos you've taken together and add a small personal message or name to the photo strips. Your design will look great on glossy paper on both sides. You can attach the finished photo strips to the gift and later your loved ones will have them as a great reminder, which they can use as bookmarks. They can also attach them to the pinboard or put them on the fridge with a magnet. By doing so they can always look at the photos and reminisce about the good times.

Use an individually designed tote bag instead of a gift bag.

Use a personalised tote bag instead of a paper gift bag

A fantastic looking tote bag is a great alternative to a conventional gift bag as it is much more personal and sustainable! You can personalise it with a floral pattern, a beautiful landscape or a great souvenir photo and put your gift inside. In addition, to your gift why not add a few treats and some decorative elements to finish it off. The best thing about it is, you can use the tote bag with your chosen print from ifolor for a long time such as for popping into town or for shopping.

Using a Photo T-shirt as Gift Wrapping

Watch the video below to find out how you can use a folded t-shirt to wrap up gifts instead of using wrapping paper or a classic gift bag. Wrap a box of chocolates, a photo book or another surprise in it and use the seam on the front of the folded t-shirt to insert a decorative twig, a greetings card, concert tickets or a voucher. Add the finishing touches to the gift with some ribbon and then you will have a very creatively wrapped gift using an individually designed Photo T-shirt.



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