Design your own personalised chocolate advent calendar

Personalised Photo Advent Calendar with Lindt chocolate

Sweeten the anticipation of Christmas with an individual Advent Calendar

Classic, fancy, or homemade - the Advent calendar is as much a part of the pre-Christmas season as baking biscuits and buying presents. Give yourself or your loved ones a very special treat this year and create an exclusive Lindt advent calendar.

Design your own personalised photo advent calendar with either a beautiful Christmas design, your favourite photo, or create a collage with up to six photos. You can also write a personal dedication or a Christmas message. Give your friends or family some delicious Lindt chocolate and a beautiful Advent gift with a personal touch. The treats behind each of the 24 doors will get the whole family in the mood for Christmas. Get inspired with some of our designs.

Advent calendar with delicious Lindt chocolate filling

You can choose between the Lindt LINDOR Advent Calendar or the TEDDY Advent Calendar:

Lindt LINDOR Advent Calendar

Each calendar door is filled with a chocolate for every taste from one of the five flavors milk, 60% cocoa, white chocolate, caramel or hazelnut.

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Lindt TEDDY Advent Calendar

The little chocolate teddies and milk chocolate bars or milk and white chocolate will get the whole family in the mood for Christmas.

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A fitting gift for the Advent season

Surprise your loved ones with some delicious Lindt chocolate by giving friends at home and abroad a very special treat this Advent with some exquisite chocolate. With the Advent calendar, even the grown-ups can feel like children again. The first door starts off the Christmas season for the whole family while each door offers a little present of delicious Lindt chocolate.

Both Photo Advent Calendars are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. The cute teddy wrapped chocolates will be especially popular with children. If you want to surprise someone who enjoys gourmet foods, then the elegant Lindor truffles will give a small moment of pleasure each day leading up to Christmas. Whichever advent calendar you choose, your photos will make it much more personalised.

Photo selection for your Advent Calendar

For the design of the exclusive Lindt Advent Calendar from ifolor, you can use a photo of your choice or even create a collage with six pictures. Be as creative as you like when designing your individual Advent gift. Should the Advent Calendar be for your family, children or friends? Sweeten the pre-Christmas time of your loved ones with a family photo, a snapshot of a funny sleigh ride or a photo of a romantic winter walk. In this way, you will make an original surprise for your grandparents, your partner or your best friends, and the waiting time for Christmas will go by really quickly. Alternatively, a personalised chocolate Advent calendar is a great surprise for the office or clubhouse. It’s a great way to sweeten the lead up to Christmas for your work colleagues or club members. You can use a group or team photo from the last Christmas party, and place your company logo or the club at the top of the design.


When choosing your photos, make sure that the resolution is as high as possible so that the photo looks good in A3 format. It is best to save the images in a specific folder, so that you can easily find them later when uploading them when designing your Advent calendar.

Alternatively, this homemade chocolate advent calendar would make a great surprise for the office or clubhouse to get your colleagues and club members in the mood for the Christmas season. You can use a nice group or team photo from the last Christmas party, then your company logo or the club crest for the design.

Create a personalised Advent calendar using your pictures

Create a personalised Chocolate Advent Calendar

Once you have selected your photo or photos, you can easily create the Advent Calendar online. There are two Christmas designs available. The Lindt LINDOR calendar with melt-in-the-mouth LINDOR balls and the TEDDY calendar with fine chocolate teddies and chocolate bars. Click on the button “Choose design” and then on the template and start designing.

Then the design editor opens. Here you can easily upload the photo for the Advent Calendar. To see which photo looks best on the calendar, you can of course upload and try several pictures. Choose “Autofill” to get an automatic design suggestion, or place photos manually to put the selected image onto the Advent Calendar. With the dynamic collage you can arrange your pictures automatically.


Pay attention to the warning, which indicates if the resolution of your photo is insufficient. Too low image quality can lead to a blurry result on the Advent Calendar.

If you click on the photo or the image placeholder in the preview, you can, for example, change the position of the photo, crop it as well as do some simple image editing. Under the photo you can see a text place holder, in which you can enter a dedication or a Christmas greeting. Adjust the lettering size, font, and colour as needed to get the look you want.

Personalised advent calendar with photo

Complete your Lindt Advent Calendar

If you like your personal Chocolate Advent Calendar, place it in the shopping cart and order it directly or create other photo products. Please note that the delivery time of the limited Advent Calendar is about 12 days. If you want your pre-Christmas surprise to arrive on time on the first Advent, please order it at least 2 weeks in advance.

In the run-up to Christmas, it's well known that the postal service can take a little longer. Therefore, you should plan a little more time for the order and sending it out to your loved ones so that you have a great gift ready in time for Advent.

We wish you a lot of fun giving away and opening doors as well as a merry Christmas!



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