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Individual chocolate Advent Calendar for self-design

Photo Advent Calendar with Lindt chocolate

Sweeten the anticipation of Christmas with Lindor balls

Classic, fancy or self-made - The Advent Calendar belongs to the pre-Christmas time just as baking cookies and buying presents does. This year, make yourself or your loved ones a very special treat and create an exclusive Lindt Advent Calendar with your own photo and 24 little doors, filled with delicious Lindor balls.

Photo selection for your Advent Calendar

For the design of the exclusive Lindt Advent Calendar from ifolor, you can use a photo of your choice in portrait format. Should the Advent Calendar be for your family, children or friends? Sweeten the pre-Christmas time of your loved ones with a Christmas family photo, a snapshot of a funny sleigh ride or a photo of a romantic winter walk. In this way, you will make an original surprise for your grandparents, your partner or your best friends, and the waiting time for Christmas will go by really quickly.

When you select a photo, ensure that the image resolution is as high as possible so that the picture can be displayed on a calendar in A3 format in the best possible quality. It’s best to save the image so you can easily find it later when uploading to create the Advent Calendar.

Personalized Chocolate Advent Calendar with photo

Create a personalized Chocolate Advent Calendar

Once you have selected a suitable photo, you can easily create the Advent Calendar online. There are two Christmas designs available. Click on the button “Choose design” and then on the template “Christmas berries” or on “Snowflakes” to start designing.

Then the design editor opens. Here you can easily upload the photo for the Advent Calendar. To see which photo looks best on the calendar, you can of course upload and try several pictures. Choose “Place photos” or “Place photos manually” to put the selected image onto the Advent Calendar.


Pay attention to the warning, which indicates if the resolution of your photo is insufficient. Too low image quality can lead to a blurry result on the Advent Calendar.

If you click on the photo or the image placeholder in the preview, you can, for example, change the position of the photo, crop it as well as do some simple image editing. Under the photo you can see a text place holder, in which you can enter a dedication or a Christmas greeting. Adjust the lettering in size, font and color as needed.

Individual Photo Advent Calendar with chocolate in snowflake design

Complete your Lindt Advent Calendar

If you like your personal Chocolate Advent Calendar, place it in the shopping cart and order it directly or create other photo products. Please note that the delivery time of the limited Advent Calendar is about 10 days. If you want your pre-Christmas surprise to arrive on time on the first Advent, please order it by November 15, 2019 at the latest.

We wish you a lot of fun giving away and opening doors as well as a merry Christmas with your loved ones!

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