Photo Christmas gifts for your parents

Photo Christmas gifts for your parents

Creative photo gifts for Christmas

Whether with good advice or active support, parents are always there for us. Christmas is all about family, so at this time of year you’ll want to say thank you and make them smile. Alongside our classic calendar, we present you personal photo gifts that your parents are sure to love.

Photo Christmas gifts for your parents

Gifts for the home

Dad just knows everything and mum is our everyday hero. To remind your parents every day how much they mean to you and help you, a photo mug or a beautiful ceramic bowl with your own design are perfect. Adorned with a happy photo from the last holiday and a personal message, the mug or bowl will add a lovely touch to any kitchen or office.  

Design your individual ceramic photo gifts using ifolor’s many templates, adding your personal photos and text. Both the mug and bowl can fit a collage or landscape photos and are of course dishwasher and microwave safe. The different Christmas designs add festive charm to the gift for your parents. Step by step, the ifolor Designer guides you through the design and ordering process. Your mug or bowl – or maybe you’ll even order both as a cute set? – will arrive well packaged in a box at your home just a few days later. A real eye-catcher!  

Creative photo gifts for parents for Christmas

Little craft tip:

the photo mug and bowl can also be easily painted with porcelain pens or porcelain paints for an even more radiant appearance. For that added wow factor! This is perhaps a suitable craft to do with children. And will be something that grandparents particularly treasure! Whether dabbing, stamping, taping or simply freehand drawing – the possibilities are endless and great paints that do not require firing are now available. 

Please do pay particular attention to the manufacturer information when choosing your paints or pens. Many paints are not food safe and should not be applied to cutting, eating or drinking surfaces. In this case, they are suitable only as decoration or for areas that do not come into direct contact with food or drink. 

If you want to add another touch to your gift, make the mug into a mini herb garden. Then beloved parents can have fresh herbs in their kitchen even in winter! You can find out more in our article here:

If you would like to run with the home theme, consider creating wonderful placemats for your parents’ dining table. Perhaps an individual mat for each parent with their favourite photos and lovely snapshots or a set, so that guests also have something to look and smile at when they are over for dinner. Or maybe their pet is in need of a mat for the food bowl? Whichever you decide, together with the mug and the photo bowl, these accessories are beautiful pieces for the home, making it feel that little more homely!

Creative photo gifts for parents for Christmas

P.S. While we’re on the subject: personalised photo magnets not only fit the theme, but also look pretty cool on the fridge! In addition, they are extra strong and very practical for keeping notes, to-do lists and postcards neatly organised.

Gift a mobile phone case this Christmas

Mum and dad have also arrived in the digital age. While the smartphone might once have been considered modern nonsense, it has long since become an indispensable everyday companion for parents as well. With a personalised phone case, you can give the gift of protection for this precious gadget at Christmas and at the same time evoke memories. 

Whether a photo from the last holiday, in mum’s garden or with the grandchildren – a new smartphone case under the Christmas tree is guaranteed to bring joy. You can have from one to six photos printed as a collage on the case. Here is how you create a phone case for all popular iPhone and Samsung models:

The photo puzzle to complete and hang up

Another novel, creative way to decorate the living room is with a photo puzzle. Our photo puzzles are a fun idea for a creative and playful gift. Choose between 50, 196, 500, 1,000 or 1,500 pieces and make it with one or more photos. You can use one of various templates to create your favourite design. Added bonus with giving a puzzle: parents or grandparents will enjoy working with their children or grandchildren to complete the puzzle together. With a nice picture frame, the photo puzzle can then be hung up as an eye-catcher – and should they want to pop the puzzle away for a little while, it can be easily stored safely in the included box!

A kitchen calendar for the new year

Parents have many appointments to coordinate, such as parent evenings, birthday parties, hobbies, family celebrations, holidays and of course family outings. So birthdays of loved ones are not forgotten, they like to hang a calendar in the kitchen at home for all to see.  The ifolor kitchen calendar comes in many colourful designs for every taste. The “Polaroid” and “Colours” templates impress with a pared back monthly overview and plenty of space for notes. Recipes and shopping lists can be added here, for example. The other templates are based on classic kitchen calendars and have a space for notes next to each day of the month.  

You can choose the month in which the ifolor kitchen calendar should start. In the ordering process, you upload your pictures to the Designer or website and can then easily move each photo to the month you wish. This means your parents can begin to enjoy seasonally appropriate pictures in the calendar each month from Christmas onwards.

Der Küchenkalender für das neue Jahr

Do your parents prefer a more subtle, clearer design? The ifolor year planner gives your parents the perfect overview of their year. The practical calendar is available in two formats: either as a calendar on which they can write their events and appointments or with clear monthly blocks and extra space for your design with personal snapshots. Extremely practical!

The photo flip full of memories

If the walls of your parents’ living room are already full of framed memories and the bookshelf is well stocked with precious photo books, then you can give your parents a photo flip to share the best moments of the year. In portrait or landscape format, it is perfect for the kitchen, windowsill or office desk. Mum and Dad can flip back and forth through 24 customised pages filled with holiday snaps, children’s smiles and shared memories. The photo flip comes in 16.7 cm x 12.5 cm format and you can easily add text to your photos in the practical ifolor Designer. Try it out now!

Your own Christmas card

In the digital age, the beauty of handwritten messages is often forgotten. It is especially nice to receive a loving note from children at Christmas. This year, design your own Christmas card for parents and other relatives with a photo greeting card. 

Christmas cards are often used to take stock and report on the past year. Whether you have the message printed directly inside or write your words by hand is entirely up to you. Either way, your parents will be delighted to receive your personal message with photos from your year together.

Our photo tip:

If you’re really struggling to choose from your many pictures, why not take a new photo of your children or grandchildren with special staging. In our guest article, we have explained how to skilfully photograph children – whether baking cookies or at play! With these tips, you’ll have great images for your personal Christmas card, fun photo puzzle, or cool phone case in no time.

Or you can put photos on a practical shopping bag for your parents – and perhaps also for yourself, because you can never have too many shopping bags, right? It is easy to print the front or reverse of the bag, which has a maximum capacity of 16 litres. You can make it even more personal by printing a photo on just one side and letting the kids colour the reverse using fabric pens. No one else will have a shopping bag like this!

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