• A Booklet as an Individualised Christmas Present
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    A Booklet as a Christmas Present

    A Present Full of Shared Memories

    Personalised photo products remain a classic Christmas gift. These kinds of presents make it possible to keep shared memories alive that will be sure to bring a smile to their face time and time again.

    However, designing a photo book can be quite time-consuming. Here you can find instructions on how to create a brilliant photo book in no time at all.

    Alternatively, you could easily design a Booklet with your smartphone to give someone this Christmas. Thus, this Booklet is most suitably created with pictures taken from your smartphone.

    Create a Booklet Directly from Your Smartphone

    You can design a brilliant booklet directly on your smartphone with the ifolor app. After installing the app, simply choose your preferred language and you’re already ready to start designing your Christmas Booklet.

    Add and Edit Photos

    The app will access the pictures in your smartphone’s photo gallery. Here you can directly select which photos you’d like to use for your booklet. You need to select at least 20 photos to use, but you’ll have space to add up to 100 pictures in your booklet. The pictures will then automatically be arranged in the booklet according to the date they were taken. When choosing which photos to use, keep in mind you’ll also need one for the booklet’s cover. Thus, it’s recommended to select an odd number of photos to ensure the booklet is completely filled when you’re done.

    You have the option, of course, to rearrange the photos however you wish. To do this, simply click on an image on the page and select the option “Replace.” This will lead you to the image overview. Pictures already used in the booklet are labelled with green ticks - this will help to ensure you don’t forget to add your favourites!

    Rearranging pages in the booklet

    Rearranging pages in the booklet

    A little tip: if you want to shift entire pages, it’s really easy to do. Simply go to the overview of the whole booklet (tap on “Pages” in the upper left-hand corner). Now you can tap and hold the page you want to shift. Then just slide the page to where you want it and release it.

    Frames and Backgrounds

    Besides “Replace” you also have the options “Frames” and “Edit” available. You can use these to adjust each individual image however you wish. You can use the “Edit” function to rotate and crop your photos as well as add a standard iOS filter.

    Filters in the ifolor Booklet App

    Tip: Add all your photos in square format. This will make your booklet appear more consistent and modern. To do this, it’s best to edit your pictures directly in the photo gallery of your iPhone or iPad. You’ll only need to tap three times and your image will already be in square format.

    You can use the available frames to add to each photo as you see fit.
    If you want to use the selected frame for all of your photos, you don’t have to do this manually. Simply tap on the three blue dots at the top of the screen. Here you’ll be shown more design options. If you set a frame from here, it will automatically be applied to every page of your booklet.

    The app will also automatically use the image located on each page as the page’s background. The background will appear as a blurry version of the same image. You can alternatively select single-colour image backgrounds in the options.

    Captioning the Booklet

    Your Christmas gift booklet will of course need a nice title. This will be displayed on the cover and can be whatever you choose. To add one, simply tap on the text placeholder and type your title. You can also individually adjust this and change the font size, colour, and style. In addition, you can have the text left-aligned, right-aligned, or centred. Besides the title, it’s not possible to add any other text in the booklet - a picture’s worth a thousand words anyway.

    Captioning the cover of the booklet

    The app will automatically show the place and date the photo was taken. If you’d like to switch this off, just tap on the three blue dots at the top of the screen and go to “Options.” Here you can easily activate or deactivate this function.

    Photo Booklet as a Christmas Present

    You can of course select any theme you wish for your booklet. You could, for instance, give your partner a “year in review” for Christmas. For this, simply look for your best photos of memories shared together to use for your booklet.

    The booklet also makes a great gift for grandparents. They’re always happy to receive new photos of the grandkids! A colourful mix of humorous and amicable moments of the year is a joy to look back upon at Christmas time – this is the perfect gift to bring joy and happiness at Christmas time.

    A Booklet as a Christmas Present

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