Create stress free last-minute Christmas gifts

Designing last-minute Christmas gifts

Design your own individual photo gifts in just a few simple clicks

It’s that exciting time of year again! Would you like to create a great personalised last-minute gift? Then you have come to the right place, at ifolor you can create fabulous individual Christmas gifts with your favourite photos in no time at all. We will show you some great photo gifts that you can order in less than 10 minutes and with quick delivery.

Shopping for Christmas presents can sometimes be quite stressful. Christmas presents should be special and to the liking of the recipient. Looking for the perfect gift in the run up to Christmas can be quite stressful and time-consuming. At ifolor you can save yourself the stress by creating great photo products with your favourite photos.

ifolor Gift Guide

Discover our photo products for creative and personal Christmas gifts. There are fantastic gifts to suit every budget. The ifolor Gift Guide will help you to get inspired and it will also help you to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, such as a photo books or a photo calendar.

Designing an individual smartphone case as a Christmas gift

You can design an individual smartphone case for most iPhone and Samsung models. Simply select the right model, choose between a matt or glossy surface, upload your pictures and adjust the arrangement if you would like to create a collage. Once you have done this your individually designed smartphone case is ready to go. The smartphone case has a full print on it, including the sides and it does not need to be removed when you need to charge your smartphone.
An ifolor Photo Flip is a great decorative Christmas present.

Designing a decorative Photo Flip as a last-minute Christmas gift

You can put 25 pictures on a Photo Flip and thanks to the sturdy cardboard stand, it can be placed as a decoration almost anywhere. The ring binding makes it easy to turn the pages so that you can always have your favourite picture in front of you on your desk or shelf. The Photo Flip is ideal as a decoration for tables or shelves that can be seen from both sides thanks to the photo paper that can be printed on both sides. In just a few simple clicks you can design your own Photo Flip. Simply choose a Photo Flip in portrait or landscape format, upload your favourite family photos, holiday photos or something similar and then put the photos on the pages. It is quick and easy to make and it will be delivered to you within 4 working days.

Decorative Photo Display for Christmas

You can print your favourite photo onto an ifolor Photo Display. This is the ideal Christmas present if you would like to give a very special gift with an unforgettable memory. The high gloss coated wooden panel will make your photo stand out and thanks to the sturdy stand it can be placed anywhere - on a desk, shelf or even on a windowsill.

An individually designed Photo Key Chain as a last-minute Christmas present.

Personalised key chain as a little something for Christmas

Are you looking for a small, but personal gift that can be ordered quickly? Then the ifolor Key Chain is the ideal gift! It is available in various sizes and you can design it using your own photo in no time at all. Simply design your key chain online and it will be delivered to you within five working days. The ifolor Key Chain can also be used as a gift tag, which you can attach to a box of your favourite chocolates or a nice bottle of wine.


Most ifolor products will be delivered withing a few working days. Please note that the delivery times of individual products can vary. Some products may arrive later than the expected delivery date due to the high volume of orders being placed. However, we will try and make sure to do everything we can to ensure that your products arrive on time.

Creatively wrapping gifts

Get inspired by our ideas on how to creatively wrap gifts. We will show you how some handy tips on how to wrap gifts as well as some upcycling tips.

Make a fun puzzle out of your favourite photo for Christmas

This is the perfect Christmas present not only for children, but also for parents, grandparents or friends. Jigsaw puzzles will help you to relax, but they will also help to improve your concentration. The ifolor Photo Puzzle is lots of fun especially if you have your favourite picture on it or a picture of your pet. You can choose between 50, 196, 500, 1000 or 1500 pieces depending on the picture and the age of the recipient. The Photo Puzzle is delivered in a box with the original photo as the jigsaw puzzle template.

Quick and easy to design Photo memo

The ifolor Photo memo is a gift that you can quickly and easily design. Simply select 24 photos that are printed in pairs as square cards made out of hard cardboard. It will come packed in a matching box, that you can give straight away as a gift.

Handy Photo Magnets as a last-minute Christmas present

The ifolor Photo Magnets come in a practical set of 12 and they are a great last-minute Christmas present. The square photo magnets are 6x6 cm and they will show your photos in the best quality. Simply upload 12 photos to create a magnet set. We'll deliver the Photo Magnets in a smart box within about 5 working days so you can give them straight away as a gift.

Using a Photo Puzzle as a voucher

Surprise a loved one or a friend with a gift voucher as a photo puzzle.

Design your very own Photo Memo

Create your own individual Photo Memo based on a specific theme for your loved ones this Christmas.

Create your own Photo Magnets

They are perfect for the fridge or the magnet board in the office. You can use the individually designed Photo Magnets from ifolor to add a personal touch to a room or you can use them to hang up little messages.

Last-minute Christmas gifts: design your own Photo Mug.

Design your Christmassy Photo Mug

Get the day off to a great start with an individually designed Photo Mug from ifolor. An individual Photo Mug with your favourite photo or a collage full of great memories is always a great gift idea. The mugs are easy to design and all you will need to do is choose the format, a design template and then upload your pictures.

The ifolor Magic Photo Mug is the perfect gift for this Christmas, if you are looking for something a little bit different. When pouring a hot liquid into the cup such as tea, coffee or mulled wine your chosen picture will star to appear. Once the Magic Photo Mug has cooled down it will turn back to black.

Design your own Christmas card and add it to your last-minute Christmas present

Order a matching Christmas card to add to your last-minute Christmas present. Choose from the various templates and upload your photos. Get your Christmas wishes printed on to it or add a small personal message afterwards.

Ifolor gift vouchers perfect for when time is of the essence

Do you still need a last-minute Christmas present, but you don’t have enough time to put something together or wait for it to be delivered? Then you have come to the right place at ifolor we offer gift vouchers as PDFs, which can be easily printed out once they have been purchased. They are a great idea as a last-minute Christmas gift. You can choose a voucher worth 20, 50 or 100 Euros and it can be used for any online products from ifolor. If you still have a few days left, you can also order the voucher as a gift card. It will be sent to your home by post within three working days.



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