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    Ten tips for cool leisure activities with kids

    Are you looking for inspiration for leisure activities with your children? We have put together ten great tips for you. Have fun!


    1. Relax with your kids and have a look at the beautiful photos you have taken recently. Revisiting the wonderful experiences, birthdays and excursions once more will put you in a great mood. Especially when there are people you can't always meet in person or when they live far away. Create photos, square prints or retro prints of your best photo memories and surprise your grandparents to pay special tribute to those moments and bring them back to life.


    2. How about a fun children's photo shoot in the nearby forest or by the lake? Children are creative by nature and ideas will come quickly without you having to spend much time thinking. Also take pictures of all the exciting things you see: beautiful plants, the water in the lake, weird shapes and funny beetles. There are endless possibilities in the heart of nature. They just need to be discovered... And at the end of the day, print a poster or a mural with the best photo to give your home a new decorative touch.


    3. Think back together to an unforgettable holiday or the wildest journey: Look through all your holiday photos together. While doing so, you can recount your great experiences Shared memories can revive the holiday spirit. Do you know how you can make those beautiful holiday memories stay even more vivid? Just select the most beautiful photos and put them together with texts to make an ifolor-photo book.


    4. How about a customised photo puzzle? Puzzles with a personal photo motif like a family portrait, a funny snapshot or a special family moment of yours is the perfect thing and increases the fun factor even more! A customised photo puzzle is easy to create and order. After placing the order, the puzzle will arrive at your home in just a few days and the fun can begin.


    5. Surprise grandparents, friends, godparents with a cool message! Design a cool postcard directly from your mobile phone. Choose the coolest, funniest, most stunning, incomparable, best snapshot; come up with a nice message and you are ready to send the postcard. With the ifolor app you don't even need a stamp or a letterbox.


    6. Take time to draw together and create creative picture stories. Use the best designs to customise a SIGG bottle for the kids. Or choose a photo of your child, your pet, and add a few nice lines. That way, they'll be easy to distinguish from other kids' bottles. And as an icing on the cake, you can even add your own touch! Designing a water bottle to suit your personal taste is child's play – in the truest sense of the word.


    7. Cooking and baking with the family! There' s nothing better! The enthusiastic, cheerful little cooks and their joyful expressions are definitely worth immortalising. How about capturing the best cooking moments along with the family's favourite recipes in a high-quality ifolor photo book? A great gift that will go down very well with grandparents, close friends and godparents.


    8. Children are very imaginative and creative, and they are bubbling with so many great ideas. Give them an opportunity to let this creativity run free and let them create their own ifolor photo book. Suitable themes include the family pet, the child's hobby or pictures from school. If the children choose the pictures and stories themselves, the ifolor photo book will become a wonderful treasure with lasting memories of their childhood.


    9. Bring a breath of fresh air into the children's room! The easiest way to give a room a new look is to decorate it with photos. Hold a vote with your family to choose the best digital photos and then print them out, for instance as cool square or retro photos. Hanging them on a string or wire on a wall instantly changes the look of the room. There are of course no limits to personal preferences and other decorative elements. And the best thing is: you can easily rotate the pictures depending on the theme, whether it's a birthday, holiday or photos of friends.


    10. Have any other souvenirs from your last holidays besides digital photos, such as tickets, postcards, shells etc.? This really calls for the creation of a great scrapbook! Select the fitting pictures to print them in the right size as photos. Afterwards you can let your creativity run free and tinker and glue stuff to your heart's content.

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