Individually designed wall decorations made out of several photo canvases.

Individually Design Your Wall Decorations with Photo Canvases

Decorate your home with creative collages and multipiece canvases

Whether it’s photos from your last holiday, brilliant landscape pictures or maybe a selection of humorous snapshots – extraordinary pictures sometimes require an extraordinary presentation in order to be accentuated correctly. The ifolor Photo Canvas allows you to get creative to showcase more than just one of your favourite pictures. In this article we will show you how to individually design a photo canvas and which canvas layouts and motifs are the most suitable.

An ifolor Photo Canvas as a 3 piece set.

Designing a Photo Canvas as a 3 Multipiece Set

Get creative and print your favourite photo onto several different canvases to create a unique look. We recommend getting a photo canvas as a set of 3. Select a 40x60cm ifolor Photo Canvas as a multipiece set and then simply just upload your photo. The photo will then be automatically divided up between the three canvases, each being 40x60 cm. Your photo will then be 120x60 cm. The ifolor multipiece Photo Canvas is great for pictures in landscape format, such as impressive landscape photos.


Try to make sure that no objects or people are near the edge of the canvas. You can move and adjust your chosen picture on the Online Editor to make sure that it fits.

Two-piece wall decorations: combining canvases with quotes and photos.

Using Photos and Text for a Creative Combination

You can really let your creativity run wild with a 2 piece photo canvas. If you have a fantastic photo from your last holiday, you could use this with an inspirational quote or saying that reminds you of your holiday. To do this, simply create two separate photo canvases in the same size each with their respective motif and saying. Make sure that the colours and the theme on your two-part photo canvas match whilst selecting a photo and a quote.

You can use an online editing programme such as Canva to create the design for your individual canvas that you are going to use for your saying or favourite quote. You can choose a background in a matching colour or a photo that matches the second canvas. Finally, simply save your design as a JPG file and upload it onto the ifolor Design Editor, ifolor app or onto the ifolor Designer to design your own individual canvas.


Download the free ifolor Designer and discover the many design options available to create your own individual photo canvas. On ifolor Desinger you can use freely placeable textboxes to combine a photo motif with a saying or a quote for your individual photo canvas.

Four-part wall decorations made out of square photo canvases.

Individually Designing a Photo Collage Out of Four Photo Canvases

Give your home a stylish look by decorating it with several pictures or a series of matching motifs. You can use a mix of photos such as landscape photos and your favourite photos of family and friends. You can select a photo and then use four different filters on it or choose four photos from a day out or your last holiday and then arrange them all in a square. It is recommended to choose canvases with a square format so that they look symmetrical.

Alternatively, you can also choose between a portrait or landscape format. Make sure that the canvases for your photo collage have the same shape so that they look symmetrical. Whilst choosing which size you would like, keep in mind that you should leave about 3-6 cm of space between the canvases. Therefore, measure the available space on your wall carefully before deciding on which size.

Creating an Individual Timeline Out of Photo Canvases

Arrange photos in a chronological order to create a timeline of a pregnancy, the first year with your pet, the progress of a project or your family. For creating your individual timeline we recommend getting photo canvases all in the same size. However, if you would like to create a timeline for your children you can use small and large photo canvases arranged in a chronological order to show how much they have grown.


Decorating your walls at home with several photo canvases will look very stylish. However, make sure that the colours match and that photo canvases have the same size or are arranged in a particular way so that have a great effect. It is a good idea to use the same filter on all of your photos or use a black and white or a sepia filter.

Photo Canvases That Complement Each Other

Get creative and design photo canvases that complement each other. For example, the person on one photo canvas could do an air kiss and on the adjacent photo canvas two people such as family members could be pointing or pulling faces at each other. Each photo canvas has its own motif, but by putting them together they complement each other. For the best results you will either need to put your photo canvases next to each other to make a square or on top of each other. Whilst taking photos think about how you would like to arrange the photos on your wall to get a great effect.

Some Helpful Tips For Your Individually Designed Photo Canvases

The Photo Canvases from ifolor have a great look and they will present your photos in the best picture quality. Below we have put some helpful tips together to make sure that your photos are long lasting:

  • Make sure to Clean them regularly with a dry cloth. Do not use any water or cleaning products.
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight as this may fade the colours over time.
  • Do not hang them up outdoors as weather and temperature changes can damage them.
  • Do not hang them up over a radiator as the heat will damage the material.

Get Inspired by Our Other Multipiece Photo Products

In addition to the popular photo canvases, you will find other fantastic Wall Decorations from ifolor which you can use to decorate your home.

Mini Wall Decorations

The mini wall decorations are perfect for creating great photo walls and collages. Thanks to the magnetic surface, you can easily hang up your wall decorations without needing any tools. The magnetic surface allows you to change and move your wall decorations at any time.

Photo Collage with A Gallery Frame

Choose from 3 and up to 52 photos to create a stylish individual collage in a chic wooden frame with a passe-partout. This framed wall decoration will be delivered to your home ready to be hung up. The individually designed photo collage with a gallery frame will make your favourite photos stand out.

Multi-Photo Wall Decorations

You can choose between an aluminium photo print, a photo poster or acrylic glass. You can also order various other wall decorations as a three piece set in addition to your individually designed photo canvas. Your landscape photo will be automatically divided into three parts, each being 40x60 cm. This will create a special image effect on your wall.



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