• Multi panel photo canvas: a creative wall decoration

    A Wall Decoration with Our Multi Panel Photo Canvas

    Completely Rediscover Your Photos with Multi Panel Photo Canvases

    Whether it’s photos from your last holiday, brilliant landscape pictures, or maybe a selection of humorous snapshots – extraordinary pictures sometimes require an extraordinary presentation in order to be accentuated correctly. With a multi panel photo canvas you can do more than just prominently display a motif in a creative manner. How you can do this yourself, which canvas formats and which motifs are best suited for this, can all be found here.

    The Photo Canvas as a 3-Piece Multi Panel Display

    If you would like to divide a motif across several canvases, we recommend our 3-piece multi panel photo canvas. This multi panel set will lend your home an especially creative touch. Three 40x60 cm panels offer you enough space for countless possibilities. You could even have this format in mind while taking / adjusting your photos and follow the golden ratio principle. With an overall size of 120x60 cm, this multi panel photo canvas is especially well suited for breath-taking landscape photos.

    A 3-piece multi panel photo canvas from ifolor

    Creating your photo canvas is as easy as 1-2-3! Simply select the 40x60 cm format in a portrait orientation as well as the “Multi-photo” option. Then you can get started with your design and upload your photo. Your motif will then automatically be divided up amongst three canvases and subsequently stretched across genuine wooden stretcher frames.


    If you’d like to use the 3-piece multi panel photo canvas for a motif with people or small objects, then you should make sure that the face or object isn’t located between the edges of the canvas. You can also move the image around in the Online Editor to ensure the image section is suitable.

    A 2-Piece Photo Canvas for More Creativity

    You can really let your creativity run wild with a 2-piece photo canvas. For instance, if you have a brilliant motif from your last trip, you could display this alongside an inspirational quote or saying that reminds you of your trip. To do this, simply create two separate photo canvases in the same format each with their respective motif. You don’t have to be a Photoshop pro in order to add text to your photo. You can use a simple online tool such as Canva to create beautiful designs in the blink of an eye. Such online tools will offer you a selection of attractive design templates you can use for adding quotes and text to images.

    A creative and modern wall decoration in the form of a 2-piece photo canvas

    In order to ensure the 2-piece photo canvas is properly displayed later, you should make sure that the colours and overall mood of the photos go well together when selecting which motifs to use.


    Are you unsure which format is the right one for you? With a 2-piece photo canvas, the suitable format depends on where you would like to display it as well as the motif you’d like to use. For instance, people are especially well depicted in portrait format while landscape format is more suitable for scenic photos.

    A 4-Piece Photo Canvas for Your Best Memories

    A wall decoration consisting of four pieces is especially well suited for small experiments or for a set of motifs that are similar, yet also different. For this idea you could do something like take the same motif, edit it using four different filters, and then arrange these in a square. Or perhaps you have a set of photos from your last holiday that were taken in the same place and on the same day, yet show varying motifs. Particularly suitable for this kind of wall decoration is a mix of close-up pictures and landscapes as well as photos of people.

    For this idea, simply create four separate photo canvases in the same format with their corresponding motifs. For creating a 4-piece photo canvas, you could go with a square format: 30x30 cm, 40x40 cm, 60x60 cm, or 80x80 cm. Which photo canvas format works best for you mostly depends on the amount of space you have available for displaying it. Thus, it’s a good idea to measure the area you’d like to use ahead of time. In order to better showcase your canvases, you should leave about 3-6 cm of space in between the individual photo canvases.

    A 4-piece photo canvas in square format

    Designing a multi panel wall decoration with photo canvases can be a lot of fun! Whether using two, three, four, or even more canvases – let your creativity run wild! Play around a bit with the numerous possibilities our photo canvases have to offer!

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