Mother and child sitting in a cosy corner and looking at their self-designed ABC photo book

ABC Book for Small Children

Creating an Individual ABC Booklet out of a Photo Book

Children love to look at photos, especially pictures of family and friends from their kindergarden. An ABC photo book would make a great gift for your child, which shows them things they’re familiar with and love while at the same time motivating them to learn their ABC’s. They’ll end up with a gift they’re guaranteed to love and the ABC book will be sure to bring a smile to their face every time they look at it.

Preparing to Make Your ABC Photo Book

A is for Apple, B is for Brother, C is for… it will be simpler and more fun for small children to learn the alphabet when an ABC book that is filled with things and people they’re familiar with, such as their loving mother and father. Whether you use family members, house pets, friends, or some of the child’s favourite toys, familiar objects and people are perfect for introducing them to the alphabet and to associate letters with these objects. Then, it’s much easier for them to imprint the letters in their mind and they’re sure to have more fun in the process.

A mother’s child sits on her lap and practices saying the letter O, which is displayed in the photo book next to a picture of “Opa.”

Start out by writing down the alphabet and note next to each letter different ideas of things you could use for that particular letter while at the same time keeping in mind the things your child loves. Then look for one or several fitting photos from your own photo collection that you could use to represent each letter. For the letter G you could use a picture of their grandparents. If you have a pet, perhaps a cat, you could use this for the letter C. Many children also have a favourite toy or stuffed animal, which would also be perfect to use for the ABC book. When choosing objects for each individual letter, you should make sure that the letter the object represents is clearly pronounced when saying the word. The word “Owl,” for instance, might not be a good example for O since it’s pronounced as “au.” A better word to use might be “Orange,” since the O is more clearly pronounced here.

How to Design Your ABC Photo Book

The ifolor photo book spiral is a good choice for children’s small hands. The robust spiral binding allows the pages to lie flat and makes it easier for children to flip through the book and look at the pictures and letters. The photo book comes in three different sizes. Other photo books that are available in smaller sizes are also suitable for creating an ABC photo book so that it is easy to handle for children.

There are two different ways to design your photo book. You could download our convenient photo book software to your PC and have more design templates at your disposal. Alternatively, you can design your photo book on our website and no downloading will be necessary. Once you’ve decided the route you want to go, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

A child sits on her mother’s lap and practices saying the letter H with the word Hercules, the name of the family dog


The ifolor photo flip is also ideal for small hands and offers a greater variety in design. This handy stand-up display for your table is available in portrait and landscape format and comes bound in a robust spiral binding. On the 24 pages available you can also choose to place two letters next to each other. An eyecatcher for every child’s room!

In our online editor, you’ll find pre-made layouts you can use to design your photo book – also with text boxes. You can either choose a different layout for each individual letter or use the same layout throughout the whole photo book. After clicking on the text field a text editor will appear that you can use to determine, amongst other things, the font, font size, as well as colour.

With our design software for Windows or Mac, you can design each page as you’d like it all while using the various templates available from ifolor. The templates that come along with the software can be edited individually. You can decide where you would like your photos and their respective letters. If you choose to follow the examples shown in the photos above, you could put the letter on the left and then the photo that goes along with that letter on the right. It’s also possible to print the photo across two pages and then put the letter somewhere in the picture.

If you have more than one suitable photo for a letter, you can use these photos to fill two pages (possible to do with both the software and online editor). Try it out for yourself - the end result will be sure to bring a smile to your child’s face every time they look at their very own ABC photo book.

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