How to wrap your photo gift ecologically using a T-shirt

How to wrap your photo gift ecologically using a T-shirt

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Avoid the wasteful use of paper and wrap your presents ecologically in a T-shirt. Follow the steps to turn a T-shirt into a personalised package for Father’s Day or Christmas.

A pretty package is the finishing touch on a heartfelt photo gift. Commercial wrapping paper is not the only option when you’re looking to create impressive packages. For a unique package, wrap your gift in a T-shirt adorned with a treasured photo. The recipient will get a lovely surprise when they realise the wrapper is a gift in itself.

By using ecological wrapping and decorations, you can reduce the amount of waste arising from disposable wrapping. Textile ribbon is an ecological alternative to traditional decorative elements, as it can be reused.

See our step-by-step video for instructions on how to fold a T-shirt into a gift wrapper for a photo book or similar gift. The technique is best suited to rectangular items. The result is a smart-looking package with a handy pocket for a card or chocolate bar. Whether you are planning a gift for a father, a Christmas gift for a godchild or a surprise for a friend, this idea is sure to make them smile.

What can you wrap inside a T-shirt?

ifolor T-shirts are available in adult and child sizes. The adult T-shirt is perfect for any photo book of size A5 or smaller. You can wrap a mouse pad, a stylish metal case or a stack of photos to preserve precious moments. If the recipient has a sweet tooth, they might appreciate a box of chocolates or a tea box featuring one of their favourite photos. Kids’ T-shirts can be used to wrap smaller items, such as a memory game or magnets.

ifolor tees are made by Swiss manufacturer Switcher, known for its high-quality, sustainable textile products. The T-shirt is made of soft, durable, Fair Trade certified organic cotton. Your photo can be printed on the chest or on the back.

Here’s how to wrap without paper

ifolor also offers other unique items for gift wrapping. For a bigger gift, maybe use a photo towel or a photo blanket. A metal case is perfect for hiding a smaller gift. If you don’t want to try your hand at wrapping, a shopping bag and a string backpack will do the trick.

A themed card makes for a great finishing touch for the gift. Browse our selection of card templates for any occasion.

How to wrap in a T-shirt:

1. Place the T-shirt face down and ensure it is free of creases.

2. Fold back the neckline until it is level with the bottom edge of the sleeves.

3. Fold the sleeves in to align with the neckline.

4. Place your gift in the centre of the T-shirt.

5. Fold up the right side of the shirt along the side of the gift. Repeat on the left.

6. Fold the remaining sides onto the gift.

7. Turn the neck onto the gift.

8. Fold up the hem along the bottom of the gift.

9. Turn the remaining hem onto the package and insert into the hollow formed in the top part.

10. Slip your card into the pocket and tie with a pretty ribbon.

How to wrap in a T-shirt Näin viikkaat T-paidasta lahjakääreen

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