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Photo calendars from ifolor

Photo calendars from ifolor

Your favourite memories accompany you through the whole year

Sunday dinner with the in-laws, Monday dentist, Tuesday tennis, Wednesday dance course, Thursday guitar lessons, Friday cinema and going out, Saturday child's birthday… The sight of a full calendar can sometimes put people in a panic. So much to be done, so much to be thought about. Without a calendar it would be total chaos.

Fortunately, we no longer have to rely on motorsport advertising calendars. It is now possible to design our own calendars, using own photos. A dentist's appointment may not necessarily be more pleasant when it's underneath a nice family photo, but it certainly looks better.


Your own creation

A calendar makes an excellent gift. It is personal and, as we have just shown, a calendar is always useful. Designing them is really simple: just pick the calendar that is right for you from the different formats and design possibilities – after all, there is a big enough selection at ifolor.

A classic that fits on every wall is the wall calendar for example. Available in A3 or A4, in portrait or landscape. Pick a suitable photo for each month (plus one for the cover).

The wall calendar Panorama is a bit bigger (35x60 cm in comparison to 42x29.7 cm of the wall calendar A3), and is as the name implies also excellent for panoramic photos, such as of landscapes, and is also optionally available with gloss-finish calendar pages.


Practical and versatile

The desk calendar is a practical eye-catcher on any desk.

If you would like to organise lots of dates centrally and keep your favourite photos in sight as well, then family calendars and kitchen calendars are perfect for you.

The family calendar is in A3 portrait format and offers space for all your family's dates – from the visit to the dentist's, to the school trip to various leisure activities.

The kitchen calendar on the other hand is a slim item (15x42 cm) and thus fits perfectly in your kitchen – in a shelf, for example. Be sure to put it somewhere where you are bound to look every day in any case.

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