These budget-friendly Christmas gifts are full of meaning – all under 25 francs

These budget-friendly Christmas gifts are full of meaning

– all under 25 francs

Christmas gifts don't have to leave a dent in your wallet to be special. Check out these inexpensive gift ideas for budget presents.

Christmas is a time of extra spending for many. What can you give your loved ones this Christmas without putting too much of a strain on your wallet? No worries, you can get something unique even on a small budget. Whether you’re looking for a personalised Christmas gift for your parents or a small Christmas gift for a colleague, these budget-friendly Christmas gifts cost less than 25 francs, including shipping.

1. Wrap up a mugful of memories

The best Christmas gifts are practical and can be enjoyed for a long time. If you want to bring joy to someone special with an inexpensive, but high-quality gift, a mug designed from your photo is the perfect choice. Whether the person prefers coffee, tea, cocoa or matcha, a personalised photo mug will make every sip feel meaningful.

Choose a photo that brings back a precious memory or otherwise lights up the mood. Perhaps it’s a photo from a summer trip you took together, an aphorism you came up with or a drawing of the person, created by the mini-Picasso in your family.

The high-quality ceramic mug is designed to withstand heavy use. You can also position the picture on the mug for a left- or a right-handed user.

These budget-friendly Christmas gifts are full of meaning Ohjeet rusettipakettiin

2. A key chain is a small, but thoughtful gift

Are you looking for a small, affordable gift to give to your godchild or to a friend as a token of appreciation? Simply wrap up a key chain made from one of your photos. Despite its small size, this personalised gift feels meaningful. Preserve a special moment in the key chain to allow the person to carry the treasured memory with them wherever they go.

A key chain keeps your keys organised, but it can also be used in other ways. You can use it as a tag on your backpack or luggage, for example. Due to its affordable price, the key chain is a great secret Santa gift as well. Made from synthetic leather, the key chain is easy to keep clean and it does not feel heavy or jangle annoyingly in your bag. You can choose from four different shapes.

These budget-friendly Christmas gifts are full of meaning Ohjeet rusettipakettiin

3. Easel calendar – a gift that keeps up with the times

The Easel calendar is a unique Christmas gift for a busy family member or a relative who loves to decorate their home. The elegant calendar helps you stay on schedule and offers a delight to the eyes for a whole year. Every turned page starts a new month, with new opportunities and new memories.

Fill the monthly cards of the calendar with photos that you know will delight the person receiving the gift. If you are ordering the Easel calendar for the first time, include the wooden stand in your order. The stand makes it easy to display the calendar anywhere in your home or office.

At the end of the year, the beautiful photos of the calendar can be cut out and reused in various DIY projects. The monthly cards can be turned into gorgeous greeting cards or a nice photo collage on your fridge. The easel calendar is also available with or without a wooden stand.

These budget-friendly Christmas gifts are full of meaning Ohjeet rusettipakettiin

4. Hide a Photo display or a framed photo under the tree

If you want to hide a memorable gift under the Christmas tree, wrap up a stylish Photo display. This is a convenient way to combine a photo and a frame, and a great gift idea for anyone. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a best friend who loves to look back on your adventures together, or a Christmas gift for your parents who treasure family photos, a Photo display will be a lovely surprise when they open their gift.

The Photo display is printed on high-gloss wooden board and it comes with a stand for easily displaying the photo in portrait or landscape format. The high-gloss coating makes the colours of the photo glow and come to life.

Another option is to order a traditional photo in format ten (10 x 15 cm) and place it in a beautiful frame . He frame can hold shared moments, special occasions or the smiles of loved ones. Choose a frame from our online selection that matches the recipient’s style and home decor. The colour options are black, oak and white.

Photo display from14.95 CHF

Photo frame 10.95 CHF

Photos from 0.19 CHF/pc

These budget-friendly Christmas gifts are full of meaning Ohjeet rusettipakettiin

5. A nice read in Santa’s bag

Nothing pulls at the heartstrings more than photos of shared memories all gathered in one book. The Booklet offers an easy way to preserve and share those special moments with the people you love. Just a few clicks and you have created a stunning booklet from your selected photos. The price is quite reasonable, so why not order presents for the whole extended family and Christmas gifts for family members all in one go? This is one of the nicest reads you can give to your loved ones.

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