Effective shooting: advices to take the perfect shot

Effective shooting: advices to take the perfect shot

5 tips on how to take the perfect shot

The beautiful cathedral or spellbinding massif you see while on holiday are truly impressive and photographed quickly. Unfortunately, the images then often appear flat and lifeless, compared to reality. With the right image detail, it's possible that this can be avoided.

1. Take multiple photographs

Fortunately, thanks to digital removable media and memory cards with an ever-increasing capacity, there's no longer any limit to the amount of photographs you can take - so make the most of digital photography and always take multiple snaps for safety! It's best to photograph an object using three different shots so that you can weed out the weaker images afterwards, rather than just ending up with an unsatisfactory image.

2. Give the image the necessary depth

There are countless shots of towering mountains and beaches stretching to infinity in the sunset which end up looking merely anaemic and which fail to convey that special holiday feeling. When taking photographs of an ocean panorama, focus on a nearby object in order to convey the width and length of the entire image. A bridge or a passing ship in the foreground can work wonders.

Effective shooting: advices to take the perfect shot

3. Weniger ist Mehr: Bild-Ausschnitte nutzen

Ein Bild ist immer durch seinen Rahmen begrenzt, weshalb viele Menschen versuchen, möglichst alles auf einmal mit ihrer Kamera einzufangen. Oftmals wirken die Aufnahmen auf den Betrachter jedoch überladen und unstimmig, da das Hauptmotiv oder die Bildaussage durch zu viele störende Informationen überlagert wird. Überlegen Sie sich beim Fotografieren, welche Geschichte Sie mit dem Bild erzählen wollen und welche Objekte dabei hilfreich sind oder eher stören.

4. The visual message when cropped

Many viewers usually expect a complete main subject and are irritated at first glance when you only present a cropped image. However, a cropped subject is often more interesting and conveys the mood of the moment much better. Furthermore, they make your photos more exciting and challenge the imagination of the viewer.

Ihr Bild als Wanddekoration

Mit den Wanddekorationen von ifolor sorgen Sie für frischen Wind in jedem Raum: Präsentieren Sie Ihre Bilder auf hochwertigen Materialien wie Aluminium, Leinwand oder Acrylglas und entdecken Sie Ihre Fotos jeden Tag neu!

Effective shooting: advices to take the perfect shot

5. Editing afterwards

It's often worth taking a look at your digital image archive and subsequently cropping inconsistent images. With a bit of patience, willingness to experiment and the right cut, you can still turn chaotic, cluttered images into exciting compositions you'll be happy to print out on photo paper and show to your friends.

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