Solve your Christmas gift problems in an instant – 5 reasons why photo calendars make a great gift

Solve your Christmas gift problems in an instant

–5 reasons why photo calendars make a great gift

A photo calendar is a personalised Christmas gift that brings joy every day of the year. Here’s some reasons why photo calendars make the best gift.

A photo calendar is the most wished-for and anticipated Christmas gift in almost every home. And no wonder, because a calendar made with your own photos is a unique and personalised gift, one that you can’t buy off the shelf. There are also many other reasons why photo calendars are so popular. Here are five reasons.

1. A photo calendar solves all your gift problems

As Christmas approaches, many of us are faced with the familiar gift stress: what should we get for our parents, grandparents, siblings or godparents for Christmas? Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one gift that all of them can enjoy? A photo calendar solves all your gift-giving dilemmas at once. Just a few clicks and you have a unique Christmas gift for all your loved ones. This is the easiest way to get everyone a gift they’ll love.

1. A photo calendar solves all your gift problems

2. Forget last-minute gift stress: have your gifts ready in October!

Do you tend to leave your gift shopping until the last minute? That often means rushing from store to store, standing in long queues, throngs of people and desperate searches. It’s time to forget all this! By ordering a photo calendar from Ifolor as a gift, you can avoid all the unnecessary stress and holiday crowds. By placing your calendar order now, you can be sure that your gifts will reach their recipients in time for Christmas. This will also give you plenty of time for your other Christmas preparations and allow you to get into the Christmas spirit without rushing.

3. All you need is 12 photos

All you need for your photo calendar is 12 photos. The good news is that you probably already have the perfect ones on your phone. You don’t need to arrange a separate photoshoot, when your phone already has hundreds, if not thousands of photos of memorable moments. And if you want to include more than 12 photos in your calendar, that’s possible too. For example, our popular Wall Calendar can hold up to 145 photos when you choose the photo collage as your page template.

4. A photo calendar will last more than a year

4. A photo calendar will last more than a year

A photo calendar can be enjoyed even after the year is over and the calendar has fulfilled its main purpose. The high-quality printed photos can be cut out and framed or turned into a magnet for your fridge door. The photos in the calendar are also great for various craft projects, such as decorating cards, scrapbooks or even gift parcels. The paperboard is durable, and the high print quality stands the test of time.

5. Personalised gift made from shared moments

There is one reason above all others why the photo calendar is so popular. The photo calendar is more than just a time management tool and a beautiful piece of home decor. It's a great way to cherish special memories. Every month reveals a new photo and the story behind it. A photo calendar made from shared moments is a personalised gift that also shows the thought you put into it. All this in one package, is this the perfect gift or what?

4. A photo calendar will last more than a year

A calendar for every style and need

ifolor’s selection of calendars provides a range of options for every need and style. In addition to the Wall Calendar, some of our most popular calendars are the elegant Monthly Planner, which has plenty of space for all your personal notes, and the poster-format Year Planner, where you can see all your plans for the year at a glance. The large Family Calendar can fit all the appointments of up to five family members. If you have limited wall space, the Desk Calendar is a convenient option. If you are making a gift for someone who loves to decorate their home, choose the modern, visually appealing Easel Calendar.

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