Gift-wrapping tip: a clever bow bag – a gift that contains a double surprise!​

Gift-wrapping tip: a clever bow bag

– a gift that contains a double surprise!

What better way to delight your loved ones than a beautifully wrapped present that contains several surprises? Check out this gift-wrapping tip that is perfect for photo mugs!

You can make gift-giving feel even more special this Christmas. Create a gift with a charming wrapping technique and a double surprise inside! Here’s how it’s done.

Surprise 1: Photo mug with your photo

Let's start with the main surprise. Design a unique, personalised Photo mug to give as a gift. Scroll through the photo gallery on your phone and choose an image that will bring a smile to the recipient’s face and remind them of something special. In addition to a photo, you can also print graphics or text on the mug. The high-quality ceramic mug is one of our best-selling photo gifts, and no wonder – a mug of something hot or cold from your very own custom mug always tastes better.

Surprise 2: Extra gift inside the photo mug

But wait, the surprises don’t end here! Hide another delightful surprise inside the photo mug as a little extra gift. It could be something personal, fun or useful – the choice is yours. Surprises that fit inside the mug include things like a key chain or magnets made from your photos, a gift card, a sweet message or treats.

Order magnets or a key chain as an extra surprise!

Surprise 3: Clever bow bag

A beautiful Christmas gift wrapping technique is the cherry on top of a gift made with love. Since a mug can be difficult to wrap due to its shape, we came up with an easy and impressive bow bag that keeps the gift a surprise until it is opened. The instructions for the bow bag have been made according to the dimensions of the photo mug. If you want to include another photo gift inside the bag, use a larger or a smaller piece of wrapping paper, depending on the size of the gift. View the video tutorial and create your own bag – wrapping a Christmas gift with an odd shape cannot get any easier than this!

How to make a bow bag for a photo mug

What you need:

  • thin or semi-thick wrapping paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • stapler



1. Cut out a 40 x 50 cm piece of wrapping paper. Place the piece of wrapping paper face down on a smooth surface.

2. Fold the right and left sides of the paper until they meet in the middle and overlap slightly. Tape (or glue) them together.

3. Fold the bottom of the paper.

4. Open the bottom fold so that you can fold the corners to create a triangle shape.

5. Finally, fold both sides of the bottom towards the centre so that they overlap slightly and tape (or glue) them together.

6. Place the photo mug inside the gift bag. Fold the top of the bag several times to create even folds.

7. Staple the bag closed in the centre of these folds.

8. Open the folds to create a bow shape.

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