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    Four Photo Gift Ideas For Christmas

    Every year we are presented with the same challenge of what kind of original Christmas presents we can give our loved ones to bring them joy. Price is, of course, not the most important factor, but rather the fact that the presents are chosen with care and love in mind. That’s why individually created photo gifts are the perfect fit for surprising your friends and family with personal memories. Depending on the type of photo gift and the budget you have in mind, you can create wonderful Christmas presents with your most precious photos.

    We’ve compiled for you four different ideas for photo gifts in the middle price range.

    Smartphone Case

    A Smartphone Case in a Completely Personalised Design

    Most people nowadays always have their smartphones by their side. Since it has to endure day-to-day wear and tear, it’s recommended to protect it from harm with a case. This makes a self-designed smartphone case a great Christmas present for your children or grandchildren and it will be sure to bring them delight. Choose from one of the various designs and create the smartphone case with completely personalised motifs. You could use photos from shared memories or even use a photo of the family pet. This useful accessory is sure to be used daily and can be created for various Samsung Galaxy or iPhone models. Thanks to the numerous functions a smartphone has to offer, the user can do with it many things that required several electronic devices in the past. Especially popular are music apps, which allow the user to comfortably listen to their favourite tunes on the go. If you want to create a personalised gift to go along with headphones or a gift card for a music store, then you’ll have the perfect combo for a great Christmas present. You can then wrap everything together as one present, and voila! You now have the perfect gift for music lovers.

    Jahresrückblick mit Fotokalender

    A Calendar For the Whole Family

    Whether it’s birthdays, school festivals, sport competitions, or doctor appointments, it’s not always easy for the whole family to keep important events in mind. The ifolor family calendar is the perfect Christmas gift for parents to allow them to keep important events close at hand. Choose from the various design templates and create each page individually with entertaining snap shots of the family from the pervious year. Each family member has their own column to write on the calendar and keep all important events and appointments clearly arranged. You can supplement this great gift by also giving each family member their own eye-catching writing utensil to enable them to find their own personal appointments with ease. With this combination, you’re sure to give them a gift they’ll never forget.


    The Somewhat-different Gift Certificate

    Gift certificates have always been a popular Christmas gift idea. But how could you make this gift a bit more exciting? With a photo puzzle, you can create your own original gift certificate for something like a cooking class. When putting together the puzzle, their anticipation and surprise will be a joy to behold. With a beautiful photo puzzle design from ifolor and a personalised photo motif, you’ll be able to create a gift certificate that stands out from the rest. To give the individualised Christmas gift a finishing touch, you can also add some other small gifts. You could, for example, give them selected spices or ingredients to go along with their gift certificate for a cooking class. You’ll be sure to bring joy to your loved ones with a gift certificate puzzle packed in a beautiful gift box.


    The Photo Book - A Christmas Classic

    A self-created photo book with entertaining snap shots and great memories remains a classic gift for Christmas. Besides fitting motifs, you’ll also naturally need a creative idea for its design and creation. For this, your imagination will have no boundaries. If you really want to give them an especially extraordinary photo book for Christmas, a completely individualised songbook is the perfect idea. Inside, the recipient will find the lyrics of their most beloved Christmas carols along with personalised photos and memories shared together from previous winters. Complete this gift idea in a special way with a CD that contains songs from their personalised songbook. This will be sure to bring all of the family to song during the holidays.

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