Organising a party: party games.

New Party Ideas: How to Throw an Unforgettable Party

When planning a party don’t forget the fun activities and the attention to detail. Our tips and ideas will help you to throw a fantastic party.

Are you looking for new party ideas? Look no further! The little things can make such a difference to your party and make the day feel really special. Follow our handy tips below if you are planning a birthday party, a confirmation party, a graduation or even a wedding.

Organising a party: party games.

1. Guess My Age Is a Fun Game Filled with Memories and Laughter

Enjoyable, entertaining activities always bring life to a party. Get your party off to a great start by organising a game where the guests need to guess how old the party’s host or hostess is in various photos. Guess My Age is a simple, but entertaining game, and perfect for all types of parties.

Choose and order retro prints depicting different times in the person’s life and number the prints. There is a blank space at the bottom of the retro prints where you can write down the numbers. Another option is to order photo stickers with numbers or letters and attach them next to the photos. If you want to make a real impression, design your own answer cards for the game. For example, you can create impressive answer cards with greeting cards, which guests can use to write their answers on.

2. Add a Wow Factor to Your Cake

You can’t throw a party without a cake! Don’t forget to give your cake a wow factor by individually designing some cake toppers for the person who you are throwing the party for.

You can easily create a stunning cake topper by attaching two photo stickers onto a cocktail stick. Print a photo of the person on the photo stickers or add a text that matches the theme of the party. A cake topper made from photo stickers will definitely make your cake stand out.

3. Create a Photo Collage

A great way to celebrate someone’s special day is to create a photo collage that shows the different stages in their life and key moments. These photos could depict childhood memories, adventures in their youth and their best memories and achievements as an adult. You can also ask friends and relatives to share some of their photos to show the different stages of the person’s life. Once you have chosen the photos you want to include, design a photo poster and hang it up for everyone to see. After the party, the person can keep the photo poster as a reminder of their special day.

Party ideas: a bouquet with pictures.

4. A Picture-Perfect Bouquet as a Table Decoration

How do you make the bouquet on your party table stand out? Give your bouquet a personal touch by adding some photos to it! This is very easy to do and all you have to do is order some square prints for whoever the party is for and then attach them to a long BBQ skewer. Choose the person’s favourite flowers or colours for the bouquet to add a personal touch.

You can also decorate the venue with wonderful photos in many other ways. For example, you could create an impressive banner full of photos or place framed photos of the person you are celebrating on the tables. Let your creativity bloom!



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