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    Expert tips for couples photo shoot

    In the 21st century, in the age of selfies and Instagram fame, more and more people want to capture their lives in a digital product. Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok – social media apps are booming. There you will find countless photos and videos of people who show themselves in a perfect light. Let's be honest – when the alarm clock rings in the morning, neither your face nor your hair are Instagram ready. But this is precisely what awakens the cry for authenticity in us. In 20-30 years, which couple would want to have photos of perfectly staged breakfast bowls, or pictures of a breathtaking backdrop where only one of you can be seen and from behind? You want to remember the moments that were especially important to you. To be put back in time to real moments between the two of you where you can literally feel the energy. What did you feel, what did you think, what did you talk about? How beautiful it is to capture the moment when you are yourselves and the world stands still, it's just about you and your love. These are the most important moments in life.

    Couple in love by a mountain lake

    Choice of location

    As a couple and wedding photographer I always recommend my couples think about the location. What do you have in common? Is there a special story about this location? You should also ask yourselves the following questions when searching for the location:

    • Do you want to be undisturbed and alone or don't you mind if there are still a lot of people around you (e.g. urban locations)?
    • What elements appeal to you more? Lake, forest, river, fields, mountains or the city?
    Close-up of couple in nature

    Go out into nature

    Our countryside is beautiful and there is so much to discover. Grab the photographer of your choice and go on a hike together. Mountain scenery, blue mountain lake, romantic old town, wild river, lush green meadows, field of sunflowers – whatever your preference, Switzerland has it to offer (just for the sea you'd have to drive a few hours ;)).

    Couple at a photo shoot on the lake shore

    You are what you wear

    Clothes can have a big impact on you. Put on something comfortable to wear that you feel good in. It won't help if you squeeze yourself into an elegant dress or suit that doesn't go with your personality at all. Another tip: don't wear clothes with big patterns. You should still like the photos in many years to come. Coordinate the colours you choose. Agree on a few colours and try to complement each other with the colours. Neutral colours, black, white, denim jacket, leather jacket and so on are excellent for this.

    Couple on a photo shoot in front of a waterfall

    Be yourself! Be genuine and be yourselves!

    One of the most important tips I give couples and lovers before the photo shoot: be yourself. It's no use pretending or being different. The camera is brutally honest. Don't try to imitate anybody. The more honest you are in front of the camera, the more authentic the pictures will be. You can see in the photos when you're playing a character. Hug each other, hold hands like you do in everyday life and not because it looks "cool" when others do it that way. You'll see in the photos if you didn't feel at ease, so be real. At a couples photo shoot you should forget the camera and enjoy each other. Cuddle, kiss, hug – enjoy the time together! Then you will get real, authentic pictures that show your emotions! These pictures will even move you years later and take you back to those moments.

    Three times the fun factor!

    A lot of couples come to me with the same statement: we've never done this before. Not a problem! Don't be afraid. A good photographer picks you up where you are and guides you through the time. One of my favourites for couples is: it should be fun for you! There's no sense in you forcing yourself to have photos taken of you just because you have to! Use the time during the photo shoot for you too. Lean back, enjoy the time, and have "the best time of your life"!

    Close-up of a couple on a photo shoot

    Be open to new ideas

    It is important that you discuss your wishes and ideas and define them together: what is important to you, which photos have you imagined and what do you not want to have at all? BUT also be open to spontaneity and new things. Let yourself be surprised and be open to new things. It may well be that certain situations simply arise and you get the best photos from them.

    And now once again for all those who have already forgotten what they've just read: everything in 3 sentences again!

    Take your time to choose the location and go out into nature. Be real and enjoy the time together! And last but not least: forget the camera and turn the whole thing into an adventure.


    About the author

    Hi, I'm Chris Züger. Wedding photographer and storyteller from Zurich. My heart is in the mountains though and my comfort zone is above the tree line. For me, coffee is not just a drink but a ritual to be celebrated. Life stories inspire my creativity. Send me your story at www.zueger-fotografie.ch.

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