• Individual Smartphone Cases with animal motifs

    Pet Smartphone Case with your own photos

    Always have your precious pet with you

    Dedicate a very personal Smartphone Case to your precious pet. With a favourite photo of your pet or an entire collage, you will always have your dog, cat etc. with you.

    Looking for a motif: your pet as the main focus

    First of all, you need a suitable portrait or a funny snapshot of your pet to decorate your Smartphone Case. Numerous apps for creative photo editing offer impressive design options and exciting effects that will give your photo a special expression. Pictures in black and white or sepia are also excellent because they look particularly classy. Create an effective photo of your four-legged friend to make your Pet Smartphone Case a real eye-catcher.

    Mobile phone case with a snapshot of your dog

    Variety: Design a photo collage

    You have several animal family members or cannot decide between the many great pictures? Then just create a collage of different photos. For the individual motifs you can, for example, choose portraits of your precious pet from different perspectives. What also works really well are snapshots of the animals during their favourite activity. Immortalize your favourite moments from playing and cuddling, and capture the typical characteristics of your four-legged friend.

    Design the Smartphone Case with your pet photos

    The ifolor Smartphone Case is available for all common Samsung and iPhone models. After you have chosen your model and the desired cover surface - matt or glossy, you can start designing your Photo Smartphone Case:

    You download the images from any online source or directly from your hard drive into the design editor. Via the menu item “Add photos” you can select all photos to be placed on your phone case by clicking on them. First, the images are arranged automatically. With the mouse button held down, you can swap the motifs with one another as desired and also change the size of the individual photos. This is how you create your very own collage.

    Click on a single photo to make even smaller edits such as mirroring, rotating or effects. For the personal dedication, you can insert a text box. If you are satisfied with everything, you can complete the order and your Pet Smartphone Case will soon join you.


    A Pet Smartphone Case is also a great gift idea for your partner or your children.

    Have fun with your companion at all times.

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