Individually designed pet loss gifts.

Pet Loss Gifts: Cherish All the Wonderful Memories You’ve had with Your Pet

The loss of a pet is always very upsetting. This can leave you feeling lonely or you may have a sense of emptiness. There are some things you can try to help with bereavement.

A memento featuring your best memories together is a comforting way to cope with the loss and keep your treasured memories alive. Below you will find three pet memorial gift ideas to cherish all the fantastic memories you’ve had with your pet.

A picture book as a pet memorial gift.

A Photo Book Full of Photos and Memories of Your Pet

A photo book of your beloved pet will give you comfort during these difficult times. Creating a photo book can also be a therapeutic process that allows you to process your emotions and look back on the wonderful times you’ve spent with your pet. Choose pictures throughout your pet's life, all the way from the very first time you met to your last adventures together. Remember to capture the moments that made your pet special – whether it was their adorable habits, funny shenanigans or heart-warming expressions of love.

A photo mug as a pet memorial gift.

A Photo Mug Will Remind You of Your Moments Together

A photo of your beloved pet printed on a mug is a beautiful and touching memory. Every time you pick up your mug, you can go back in time and remember your adventures together.

You can choose one or multiple photos to add to the side of your mug. For example, you could create a beautiful collage of your four-legged friend during different seasons of the year: sniffing the first flowers in the spring, playing in the garden in the summer, jumping through piles of leaves in the autumn and sprinting through the snow in the winter.

You can also add your pet's name or a personalised message to your photo mug, making it even more special.

A paw print wall decoration for a dog that has passed away.

Create a Paw Print Memento for Your Wall

Many pet owners cherish the memory of their pet's paw prints. By creating a mini wall decoration of your pet’s paw print, you will be able to look back on all the memories you’ve had together. Perhaps your photo archives have a picture of a paw print in the snow? You can turn this photo into a great little decoration.

It is a good idea to capture your pet's paw prints before your pet has passed away. All you need is watercolour paper or cardboard and dye. Make sure that you use safe and non-toxic materials that will not harm your pet. Spread some dye across the paw and press the paw print onto the paper. Finally, take a photo of the paw print and use it to create a lovely memento.

The high-quality mini wall decoration featuring your pet's paw print is easy to put up on almost any wall surface using the magnet that comes with this product.

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