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    Creative image ideas for children photos

    Immortalise childhood moments with outlandish motifs

    In the family album, we record the most important milestones in our children’s lives: from the first step to graduation. However, it’s also worthwhile to immortalise the everyday moments of family life photographically. With unusual designs you can document the development of your child in a creative way. Here are some ideas for special family photos!

    Girl in front of a painted yardstick: This is how to keep the growth of your kids creatively
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    Tip 1: Measure and document growth playfully

    Especially in their early years, children grow fast. It is extremely exciting for both children and parents to document these changes. For this you can, for example, use a self-made yardstick. All you need is a simple wooden board. Using colours, stickers, photos, and other decorative materials you can then beautify the yardstick creatively. Now you can playfully measure and record your child’s growth at regular intervals. The glow of your child’s eyes when reaching the next mark will ensure unique photos.

    Tip 2: Capture the favourite moments

    During childhood, your child’s interests and preferences change. With photos you can document different phases and remember them later when browsing through the family album. When you photograph favourite foods, stuffed animals or places, you will get creative and unusual pictures as a result.

    Later on, you can hand over the camera to your children so they can capture their favourite moments themselves. This often results in funny snapshots that will enrich your Photo Book.

    Using clothes and shoes in different sizes, you can illustrate your child’s growth

    Tip 3: Creative photos with memorabilia

    Many parents keep their children’s first shoes, rompers or stuffed animals in a certain box containing memorabilia. With these memorabilia, you can create expressive and unusual pictures. It is possible, for example, to photograph your child’s first outfit after birth. To capture your child’s rapid growth in the first months and years of life, you can also take pictures of clothes or shoes of different sizes.


    Put the ages of your child on little notes and stick them to the items. Later on when you look at the picture together with your child you will be astonished.

    Funny and creative motives for your family album: A boy posing next to a rocket painted with chalk

    Tip 4: Create fantasy landscapes with chalk

    This photo idea is about using sidewalk chalk to create imaginative pictures for your family album. First, think of a suitable motif together with your child. There are no limits to your imagination: everything from space landscapes to dense jungles is possible. Then your child can pose in front of the drawing while you take a photo of your child from the bird’s perspective. Using this photo idea, you will get a unique picture motif and also spend precious moments with your child.

    Tip 5: Motifs for the first year of life

    In order to document the changes during pregnancy, expectant parents often take a picture of the pregnant belly at regular intervals. Even after pregnancy, this technique is perfect for capturing the first year of your child’s life in photographs. For example, you can take a picture of your child every month. There are many ways to make the photos creative: For example, you can place a number next to your child every month. The number can be cut out, painted, or represented in any other different way. You can also show yourself together with your child holding a stuffed animal or in front of a certain background.

    The advantage: Your child does not necessarily have to sit still as they do for typical family photos,. Different poses and movements provide for dynamic pictures and are a real eye-catcher in the family album.


    The resulting photos are not only good in the photo album, but are also suitable as a wall decoration or gift for your loved ones. For example, you can combine the pictures with a collage, or design an individual wall calendar gestalten.

    Tip 6: Family photos in partner look

    Which child has not ever tried on the clothes of mom or dad? Family photos in partner look thus ensure sweet image motifs and bring you and your child a lot of fun. For example, you can take atmospheric pictures with matching costumes on Halloween. Even in everyday life, photos are possible in a partner look. You and your child don’t necessarily have to wear exactly the same outfit but wearing similar jackets, dresses or hairstyles will ultimately make beautiful pictures.

    Tip 7: Taking pictures based on old photos together with your family

    Taking pictures that are based on old family photos is currently in vogue. No wonder – because the resulting pictures arouse memories and make you smile. In addition, this motif can be implemented quickly and easily. Together with your child, you can browse through the family album and select the right photos. Based on the template, you then take on the positions on the picture in front of a matching background. For especially funny pictures you can choose clothes that match the outfits you wore at the time.

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