A photo yearbook for your memorable moments

A photo yearbook for your memorable moments

As time goes by... look back on the past year with your photo yearbook

A lot can happen in a year - children are born, examinations passed, rings exchanged, anniversaries celebrated and much else besides. Lots of memories accumulate in 365 days, many of which are recorded in photographs. It is therefore fitting that the end of the year coincides with the Christmas season.

Record the most important moments of the past months creatively in a yearbook. A yearbook is an individual and personal Christmas gift for everyone close to you!

One year and so many pictures

You can tell the story of the year in chronological order, using a combination of text and images. A picture on the ski slopes in winter, the first flowers in spring, another on the first school day in summer or the children playing in the autumn leaves -– every time of year offers beautiful ideas.

Looking back on the past year in a photo book is not only a great pleasure -– it also gives you an opportunity to sort out your photos. They don't disappear, as they might otherwise do, into Nirvana on your hard-drive, but instead receive their own special place in your photo book. A place that you can return to again and again...!

Make it a family photo tradition

The best thing to do is to order a few extra copies straight away and put them under the Christmas tree for each member of the family. If it is well received (and it definitely will be) you could even make it into a tradition and record the years to come in photo books too.

Simply ask family members to send photos, and to compose little reports or poems. This way everyone adds their own personal touch and a completely private and unique family chronology is created.

A photo yearbook for your memorable moments

Try it out right away!

The various photo books from ifolor are made for every occasion. What about a photo book Deluxe? This impresses with its sturdy hardcover binding and different formats (e.g. A4 portrait). Incidentally, the Photo book Premium (28x28 cm, hardcover special binding, pages open flat) is excellently suited to the big, big moments of the past year.

Fits perfectly for the clubs too

A yearbook is not only a valuable memento in private. A lot also happens in communities and clubs. In a book, you can record more than the club's milestones, celebrations and events. You can, for example, also introduce new members –- perhaps with a little description or a favourite quote.

You do not need a design agency or a publisher to produce a beautiful club yearbook. With ifolor's simple programs and templates, you can do it yourself and delight your club's members.

You can also of course decorate the walls of your club's premises with the best pictures -– with our new wall decorations, for example, or with a poster or canvas print.


A photo yearbook for your memorable moments

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