Photo book designed as a yearbook.

Design a Photo Yearbook with ifolor and Eternalise Your Memories

Creatively preserve your fondest memories of the year

12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days – all of these happenings, experiences, and milestones fly by over the course of the year. Gather together all of your best photo moments from the past year in a one-of-a-kind photo book from ifolor to enable you to time and again reflect fondly upon these cherished memories. What about a really colourful photo book showcasing all of the year’s highlights or perhaps a yearbook featuring memories following a certain theme? Let yourself be inspired by our ideas for a photo yearbook and create a keepsake you’ll cherish for years to come!

The perfect photo book for your yearbook

Discover ifolor's high-quality photo books in various formats and designs - from small booklets to premium photo books.

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There are various options for creating your own individual photo yearbook. You can use the ifolor app to design your own photobook from your smartphone, tablet or create your own album online using the website's design editor. The ifolor Designer offers you an extra range of design options as you can choose where to put images and textboxes. You can also choose backgrounds, clipart and you can add a frame to the pages in your photobook. You can download the ifolor Designer free of charge for Windows and Mac.

A Photo Book: The Perfect Form for a Year in Review

Compiling together the countless number of photos accumulated over the course of a year in a nice photo book can be quite a challenge. You first have sort through and organise your photos, choose which kind of photo book you’d like to go with, and then finally design the actual photo book pages themselves. Here we’ll give you tips and useful tricks about the pictures themselves as well as organising them and making your final selections. In addition, you’ll also learn about the various kinds of photo books available and the best way to structure and design your photo yearbook.

Photo book filled with memories and fantastic photos from the past year.

Prominently Feature Your Garden’s Growth in Its Own Yearbook

Your own garden isn’t only the perfect place for rest and relaxation, but also something that you take pride in and put a lot of hard work into. Prominently feature your own garden projects and plants in an au naturel photo yearbook. Here you’ll learn how you can design your garden yearbook and how to best feature your own garden’s highlights.

A garden-themed yearbook in the form of a photo book

A Travel Yearbook Full of Unforgettable Experiences

For many people, vacation time is the best time of the year. Exotic countries, untouched natural habitats, and grandiose city landscapes are explored and there’s always plenty to discover and experience. Were you on an unforgettable tour, went on a backpacking trip, or finally been somewhere you’ve been wanting to visit your entire life? Whether an adventure or just pure relaxation – every trip brings along with it unforgettable memories that you’ll want to revel in time and again. In both of our articles about this topic you’ll get pro tips on preparing and designing a completely one-of-a-kind travel yearbook.

World map in a travel yearbook

Compile Memories of Your Festive Events in a Party Yearbook

Family celebrations and wild parties with friends are always occasions for taking humorous snapshots and nice group photos. A photo book featuring your best party highlights of the whole year will keep your memories of the great atmosphere of every party alive for years to come. Learn how you can use your best party photos to design a party yearbook full of life and in the process create a great gift for both friends and family alike.

A party yearbook in the form of a photo book

Capture the Eventful Essence of Daily Family Life

Family life has something exciting in store for us every day and always provides us with wonderful memories. Playing games together, sensational trips, and humorous scenes from daily life are often captured in brilliant snapshots. Discover our creative ideas and design your own personal family yearbook featuring your most cherished memories and experiences from the year. A photo book containing all your family highlights of the year isn’t only a one-of-a-kind keepsake, but also makes a great gift idea for your loved ones.

A family yearbook in the form of a photo book

For Every Occasion There’s a Photo Book from ifolor

Use our inspirations to get more theme ideas for your photo yearbook. For example, a collection of all the family get togethers, times spent with your best friend, highlights of your sports club, or even the fun times spent with your pet. No matter which theme you decide to go with for your photo yearbook, it’ll be sure to bring joy to both you and your loved ones. Let yourself be inspired by our design ideas and use your own photos to create something that will really bring your memories to life and make your experiences of the past year unforgettable for years to come.



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