• Capturing Holiday Memories for Eternity

    Professional Tips for Great Travel Photos

    Whoever likes traveling can tell about exciting experiences. These become even more impressive when they can be illustrated with unique photos. In our video you will find tips from a professional that will help you succeed in taking interesting holiday pictures.

    Capture your best memories in a Travel Photo Book.

    Cell Phone Camera or Zoom Lens for Travel Photography

    Nowadays the selfie has become the classic holiday image. Whether in the city, on the beach or in the mountains - a selfie captures you in your holiday moment. The smartphone is our daily companion and more and more travelers are using their cell phone camera for their souvenir photos. These phones are very efficient in most models and also handy and lightweight. They help you to easily snap sharp holiday impressions.

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    With a selfie stick you can capture even more of the scenery around you in your photo.

    Selfies are in vogue – whether on your travel or at home.

    A disadvantage of the mobile phone camera, however, is its weak zoom power. If you want to capture objects in the distance clearly, you need a compact camera with a zoom lens. Then you will succeed in taking sharp shots from other perspectives and optical angles without having to face the question at the end what should actually be seen in the photo.

    The Destination as Inspiration

    During the holidays, you automatically discover new, exciting places and capture unique moments that often probably vanish in everyday life - just through these new travel impressions photographers are constantly gaining new inspirations for exciting motifs and creative ideas for how they can impressively in set up these.

    Popular travel destinations attract many tourists, making it difficult to find a quiet moment to spot a sight undisturbed. To avoid this, it is worth getting up early. In the early morning hours, the streets in most holiday regions are still deserted and the light of the rising sun brings creates a special atmosphere for your photo. Generally the low morning and evening sun offers a more atmospheric light than the bright sunshine at noon time, and is perfectly suited for holiday pictures.

    Even if it should rain during your vacation, do not let this discourage you. A rain jacket or a simple rain poncho will keep you dry as you explore the area further. Especially in rainy weather you can shoot unique holiday photos. Look for cloud formations and reflections.

    Holiday Photography – Dare to take photos in the rain.

    ifolor tip

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    Discovering the World with New Eyes

    Perceive the world through different eyes and slip into new perspectives to discover something special in a foreign land. There are always small and big differences to your everyday life. Your photos can reveal exciting details about the culture of the region.

    The summer in European cities is just the place to go on a discovery tour and capture interesting snapshots of street life. In many corners street musicians play, artists are on the way or small shops exhibit their goods in shop windows set in a particularly appealing way – and all of that in front of the colorful variety of old and new architecture and colorful street art.

    Great photo motives can be found everywhere, if you keep your eyes open during your vacation.

    Setting the Right Focus

    When you travel, you experience all sorts of impressions. But do not forget to include yourself and your traveling companions in your photos. Often, at the end of the journey, there are many beautiful photos of sights and landscapes, but only a few of the photographer. Every breathtaking landscape becomes even more interesting when you portray a person in the picture.

    A portrait photo is the classic way to connect a person to his/her surrounding. However, there are many more creative solutions: A walker from far away or a beautiful back can add something special to a photo. Another idea is to hide a landmark in the photo. Make yourself the star of the photo, while the sight in the background almost disappears. In this way you will create unique holiday photos of you and your fellow travelers, capturing your individual holiday in every detail.

    Then, what are you waiting for? Experience your holiday destination with all your senses and capture your experiences in a Travel Photo book.

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