Capture holiday memories forever

When someone does a journey he has a story to tell… and any stories are of course much more impressive if they can be backed up with images. In our video, we show you tips from a pro on how to get the best out of your holiday photos.

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Mobile phone camera or powerful lens

People taking selfies are part and parcel of the everyday picture in cities, on beaches and in fact anywhere there’s life nowadays. More and more holidaymakers are using their mobile phone camera for their photos, which is hardly surprising when you look at the powerful cameras built into smartphones nowadays. With a camera with 8 megapixels, which the majority of phones offer today, you’re already really well equipped to capture impressive and most importantly focused impressions of your holiday.

However, this does not apply if, for example, you’ve planned a safari or like photographing from a distance. In these cases, you should use a “proper” camera with zoom lens so that you can capture the best perspectives and angles without the question of what you’re actually supposed to see in the photo cropping up at the end.

The destination as inspiration

As a holidaymaker or traveller it’s easy to discover special spots or capture exciting moments that often presumably get lost in everyday life. Simply because they are part of our usual environment and perceived as ordinary. This alone offers more than enough inspiration for photographers and apart from snapshots, it’s then merely about staging the object properly. As popular travel destinations are often visited by hordes of tourists, it can be difficult to find a quiet moment that is ideal for photographing a sight. Most holidaymakers are still asleep in the early morning: it can therefore be worth crawling out from under the covers early and enjoying the silence and special light. The low-lying morning and evening sun is incidentally perfect for impressive photographs as it casts a more atmospheric light than the bright sunshine at midday.

Now we just have to hope that there aren’t any or just a few clouds in the sky and no rain once we’ve decided to go on a photography discovery tour! However, as long as the sun doesn’t disappear totally behind a wall of clouds, this can lead to extremely charming shots when you try to capture the play between the light and shadows.

Discovering the world through new eyes

So don’t let crowds of people or a few clouds in the sky stop you from going outside and exploring your holiday destination. Keep your eyes open and look for special highlights. See the world with new eyes or from new perspectives and be inspired to take exciting shots of freshly made discoveries.

Summer is ideal for going on a discovery tour in European cities and capturing exciting snapshots of people and street life scenes. Buskers are playing on lots of street corners, artists are out and about or children and adults can be observed playing and having fun – and all of this against the colourful variety of old and new architecture and vivid street art.

So what are you waiting for? Throw yourself into life and capture your next trip as a photographic diary.

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