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    A Gift Voucher as a Puzzle

    You’d like to surprise your loved one with something creative and personal this Christmas? With a gift voucher photo puzzle, you’re not only giving them a great experience, but also a bit of fun while opening presents under the Christmas tree. Here you’ll read how you can quickly and easily create your very own puzzle.

    Design Your Own Creative Christmas Present with Just a Few Mouse Clicks

    In order to create your own personalised gift you’ll only need an idea, a photo, and a couple of minutes. It’s very easy to put your creativity to use with the ifolor Online Editor. After choosing the format 20 x 30 and the suitable orientation, you have several designs to choose from. The “Gift Voucher Puzzle,” which was especially created for this purpose, is of course what you should choose for creating your Christmas present. Afterwards just upload the image you’d like to use for the puzzle, type in a small message, and your gift voucher is already finished!

    You won’t even have to worry about the gift-wrapping since your gift voucher will be sent to you in an attractive gift box. The 50-piece puzzle is made with high-quality photo paper and then attached to cardboard. This wonderful gift will be sure to make your Christmas celebration a cherished memory not soon to be forgotten by you and your loved ones. Don’t forget to remove the photo of the completed puzzle (that is included in the box) before you give them the puzzle; this way you’ll keep them guessing until they’ve finished putting it together.


    Still Can’t Come Up with a Good Idea For the Gift Voucher?

    You’ve decided to give that special someone a photo puzzle for Christmas, but are still having a difficult time coming up with an idea of what the gift voucher should be for? Here we’ve gathered together a few ideas to put you on the right track.

    You could, for example, take your significant other to a wellness spa for a romantic weekend. Look through your own photo collection for an image that fits the theme of rest and relaxation and design your own personalised photo puzzle. If you’re looking for something a bit more action-packed, you could make the gift voucher good for a day at an indoor climbing centre. You can also try to look for a fitting motif for a more active outing. If you can’t find the right photo in your own personal photo collection, you’re sure to find a fitting photo on the Internet.


    Is there anything better than doing something together as a family? Maybe you could give your kids a gift voucher good for a day at the zoo. A photo puzzle isn’t just fun to put together on Christmas Eve, but also leaves the whole family in pleasant anticipation for the family outing to come. For such a puzzle, you could choose one of your favourite pictures of the little ones. If your kids aren’t really big on animals, you could perhaps make the voucher good for a fun-filled day at an amusement park. Perhaps you already went there last year; using a photo you took at the amusement park last time would be perfect for the puzzle.


    In the stressful grind of day-to-day life, sometimes there’s just not enough time even for a relaxing day with your best friend. You could give them a gift this Christmas season of a city trip or a weekend of shopping for just the two of you. For such a voucher you can use a photo of the two of you in the city or a photo of the city the two of you have always wanted to go to. For a trip that requires a bit more planning, make sure to set a date so that some day doesn’t become no day.

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