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    A child’s birthday – the most exciting day of the year!

    Other than Christmas, there’s no better annual event for a child than their own birthday! The anticipation beforehand is almost as exciting as the party itself. Should it be a traditional children’s birthday party with games and a cake, a fun themed party or even a trip out somewhere? And what’s the best way to design the party invitation?

    My mother always put a great deal of effort into my birthday party invitations, which is why I always kept one for myself as a keepsake. You can create fantastic keepsakes of one of the most special days of the year for your children too!


    What kind of party should it be?

    A child’s birthday party actually starts with the planning. It is important to include the child’s wishes in this. What does your child particularly like? Because it doesn’t always have to be a traditional birthday party. A theme could add a breath of fresh air to the whole event – and when the little ones are allowed to dress up, it almost feels like going to a carnival! There are countless themes you could have. Maybe it could be a pirate party? Or everyone could come dressed as a superhero! A central theme also gives you extra freedom to design a creative invitation.
    If the weather is good, going on an outing could also be a great option! Many zoos or rope parks now offer fantastic birthday packages. If it needs to be on a smaller scale, then a nearby wood can also be an ideal spot for games with a barbecue afterwards. The children are also free to express their wild side there, without disturbing the neighbours!


    Children’s party invitation – traditional

    The traditional design for an invitation is a folded greeting card – you definitely can’t go wrong with this. With our cards, you can print on the front and on the inside – and you’ll still have room to write in it by hand (making it a lot more personal!). The envelope is conveniently also included.

    What’s more, you can choose from numerous birthday designs to find a suitable one for your child’s party invitation. It also always looks great if you jazz up your invitation with fun stickers or glitter. Let your imagination run wild!

    My Tip

    Our sweet photo stickers will enhance any card or even the envelope. Try them out now!

    Children’s party invitation – the modern version

    A postcard invitation is modern without a doubt. The back is simple and minimalistic, and you can design the front to suit your party. If you are planning an outing to the zoo, you can get kids in the mood for it with fun animal photos. If you’re heading to a wood, then fairies and goblins are the perfect choice! Extra tip: The cards are also great for sticking things onto! A bit of hay for a jungle feel, or moss to really bring the goblins to life. Try it out!

    Or maybe something new?

    Want to try something new? Then I’ve got a great idea for you! Create a cool retro design for the birthday invitation. You can either use fun photos of your child with their friends or remain entirely true to the theme. The white bar is the perfect place to state the theme or the name of the child being invited. You can put all the important information on the reverse side. It doesn’t get much more unique and personal than that!  

    This kind of invitation is ideal for when it is being handed over in person. And the best thing of all? As the invitation is so eye-catching, it will also look great on a fridge or in the child’s room afterwards!

    What definitely needs to be included on the invitation?

    Of course another important question is: what do I actually need to write on the invitation? The following key information must be included:

    - Who is sending the invitation?
    - When will the party be held?
    - Where is the party taking place?
    - What is the plan for the day?
    - How long will the party last?

    Other things to consider: State how long the party will last, with a start and finish time. It is particularly important to say when it will end, so that parents can collect their children at the right time. It may also be worth mentioning a specific gift idea or, on the contrary, to tell people explicitly if you want them to refrain from bringing material gifts. Perhaps the birthday girl or boy would also like a cute picture.
    Then you are free to decide what else goes on it. Think in advance about the schedule and the precise content of the party! Should the guests dress up? Do they need to bring swimwear? Or perhaps clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty? If you want to be even more creative, you can write the invitation in rhyme. Or you can write a little story to match the theme – ahoy, me hearties!

    Gift idea

    Has your child been invited to a birthday party and you still haven’t found the right gift? How about a sweet photo mug? It doesn’t always have to be a photo of the birthday boy or girl. You could ask the parents for some sweet photos of their pet to use for the mug’s design, for example.

    Samira Hammami

    Samira Hammami

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