• Original and quickly crafted: a very special calendar

    Originell und schnell gebastelt: ein ganz besonderer Kalender

    At the end of the year, calendars are not only a wonderful gift – but also one with a long date of expiry. Instead of a photo calendar, beautiful calendar pages can also be created from individual picture motifs – and very originally presented using the lever of a discarded ring binder. Here you can read how effective and fast this is.

    And this is all that you will need for it:

    Und das gehört in ein Gartentagebuch
    • A wooden cutting board or a piece of plywood blank
    • The lever mechanism of a discarded ring binder
    • A hammer
    • A screwdriver
    • Two screws
    • A hole-punch

    How to create your original year calendar from photographs

    Choose 12 motifs from which you would like to create a calendar, and have them printed by ifolor as photos in poster format 20 x 60 cm. For the width of the ring binder it is particularly recommended to use the formats 11 cm and 13 cm. The glossy premium photo paper is ideal for working with.

    So gestalten Sie Ihren originellen Jahreskalender aus Fotografien

    Now, at the top part of the vertically arranged wooden board, mark the point at which you would like to attach the metal lever mechanism. Because the mechanism has two holes, the book insert can be screwed in particularly well – and is thus extremely robust for when the calendar pages are being turned month after month. It is best to first fix the two screws at the intended points with a hammer; then they can be twisted in especially easy.


    Now screw the screws into the pre-hammered holes in the plywood – in no time the lever mechanism of a ring binder is fastened on the board.

    Lochen Sie nun die 12 Kalenderseiten oberhalb des Fotobereichs

    Now hole-punch the 12 calendar pages above the photo area, so that you can fasten the pictures in the lever mechanism in the correct sequence.

    So gestalten Sie Ihren originellen Jahreskalender aus Fotografien

    Now all that is needed is a movement of the lever – and the original calendar is complete. It not only offers an out-of-the-ordinary form of presentation for picturesque mementos, but can also be practically updated month after month. A perfect gift with long-term effect, created with a flick of the wrist.

    Photos and text: Julia Marre • www.kommandokarottenbrei.de

    Julia Marre is a freelance author and journalist with a weakness for photography and design. She runs the blog Kommando Karottenbrei. For ifolor, she gets creative with photo products and writes about these DIY projects and self-made gifts.

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