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    Sweet greetings: lollipop card fun for all ages

    This lollipop card is really personal

    Are you looking for a very special and personal greeting card? Or an original invitation to a children’s birthday party? Simply send the sweetest greetings there are: the recipient is guaranteed not to forget this combination of a photo of your child with a delicious surprise so quickly! And the best thing is: it is very quick and easy to create.

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    Sweet greetings are created this quickly:

    1. Take a photo of your child in a happy situation and ask them to clench their fist and hold it up to the camera. With toddlers it is recommended that you put a little pen or lolly stick in their hand – the real lollipop can then be realistically inserted onto the photo greeting card later on.

    2. We used ifolor greeting cards in 10 x 20 cm format for our lollipop greeting card. This format is ideal because you have enough space to attach the lolly to the greeting card with this portrait format.

    3. All the material you need are the photo greeting cards, a knife and sweets – all kinds of lollipops are ideal.

    4. Now make a roughly 1 to 1.5 centimetre long incision above your child’s clenched fist using the cutter.

    5. Now carefully push the lolly stick back through the horizontal incision – your sweet greetings that come from the heart are ready!


    Text & Photos: Julia Marre

    About the author

    Julia Marre is a features section editor with a penchant for photography and design. She writes the Kommando Karottenbrei blog. She plays around with photo products for ifolor and writes about these DIY projects and self-styled gifts.

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