• A living room decorated in this year’s trend colour.

    Viva Magenta Is the Trend Colour for 2023

    Here is how to perfectly showcase this vibrant shade of purple in your home

    The Pantone Colour Institute has once again chosen the colour for 2023. The colour for this year is Viva Magenta. This fresh, lively and striking colour is a combination of red and purple and it is all about: "trying something new" or "being creative and adventurous". This trend colour originates from the red of cochineal, which is one of nature's most valuable dyes and it can be extracted from various scale insect species. Therefore, Viva Magenta combines nature with the digital world and symbolises the global zeitgeist, which shows the longing for a connection between nature and progress.

    This striking shade of purple is the perfect colour to give your home a brand new look, but for this you don’t need to repaint your walls or buy any new furniture. By using a mix of decorative elements, you can make a room look modern and trendy in no time at all. We will show you how to individually design your own decorative elements for your home in this trendy colour.

    Decorative elements in Viva Magenta.

    Individually Designed Decorative Items in Viva Magenta

    Although vivid red is a very bold colour, you can use it in your home to make a particular room look warm and inviting. Our photo cushions and photo blankets are great for adding some decorative elements to your living room to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. You can use floral patterns in shades of pink and red to design your own individual photo cushions. Using abstract patterns, photos of light shows or sayings in matching colours are also great designs. Free programmes such as Canva or Fotor allow you to create individual designs on your computer in no time at all without any previous know-how. To add a personal touch you can also edit your favourite photos by adding a pink or red filter to make them match your new interior design.

    Individually Design Your Own Photo Pillows

    Add a splash of colour to your individually designed photo pillows to give them a trendy and chic look. They will add some colour to your living room or bedroom and give the room a trendy look. There are 3 available sizes to choose from: 30x30 cm, 40x40 cm or 50x50 cm.

    In addition to your photo cushions, you can also individually design a photo blanket to create a chic bedspread for your bed or a throw for your living room in this year’s trendy colour. There is a variety of design options to choose from. If your individually designed photo cushions have a more detailed or busy design, then its best to design your individual photo blanket with a more subtle pattern in Viva Magenta. However, if the designs on your individual cushions are more plain, you can use landscape photos or different patterns in Viva Magenta to match your room’s new look.

    Individually Design Your Own Photo Blanket

    Design your own individual and cosy microfibre fleece blanket to stylishly decorate your living room. They are available in sizes: 75x100 cm, 125x155 cm, 140x200 cm. The photo blanket is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living room.


    Combine this bold trend colour with furniture and decorative elements in neutral shades such as beige or brown. This will help to bring out the bold purple colour in your home. If you would like to create a more striking look, then you can combine Viva Magenta with decorative elements or furniture in different purple tones. The colour "Digital Lavender" is the perfect combination for a colourful look and this colour is also going to be very trendy in 2023.

    Interior Design Trends for 2023

    Get inspired and find out more about what is going to be trendy in 2023. We will show you which materials, shapes and colours will add that certain je ne sais quoi to your home this year.

    Decorating With Viva Magenta

    Home accessories are another great way to brighten up your home with the trend colour Viva Magenta. Our customisable home accessories can add character to your four walls and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Viva Magenta table decorations.

    Use this year’s trend colour to decorate your table with some individually designed photo mugs, coasters and placemats. You can make your kitchen table really stand out by adding some decorative elements with matching patterns, sayings or striking landscape photos.

    Create a stylish ceramic bowl in Viva Magenta for your shelf. In addition to patterns, you can also use images of light effects, lettering or flowers in matching colours.

    A decorative bowl in this year’s trend colour.

    Individually Design Your Own Ceramic Bowl

    Our practical and stylish photo bowls are perfect for your cereal in the mornings or as decorative items in your home. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

    Add A Bit of Colour to Your Walls

    In addition to decorative elements, you can also decorate your walls in this year’s trend colour Viva Magenta. You won’t need any paint as this can be done by decorating your walls with some ifolor Wall Decorations. If you would like to add a bit of colour to your walls, you could decorate them with some photo posters. Together with a stylish photo border or in a chic frame, you can quickly and easily give your walls a trendy look. In addition to patterns, you can also use cool neon lettering, light effects, detailed landscape shots or you could also use your favourite photos. However, make sure that there are some purple elements in the pictures or edit the pictures and use a pink or red filter to make them match.

    Viva Magenta wall decorations.

    Make your walls stand out with some XXL wall decorations, which will give your room a brand new look. Large murals and a plain pattern such as monochrome surfaces or abstract shapes are more suitable for this design.

    Individually Design Your Own Large Wall Decorations

    You can individually design all of your pictures for your walls from ifolor in a large format. You could individually design a photo canvas, shadow box frame or a metal print. There is a wide range of different sizes to choose from such as 150x50 cm, 120x90 cm or 150x100.



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