Web-Analyse Policy

Two technical solutions are currently used as part of our web analysis.

Webtrekk Analytics Tools
Visits to our website are evaluated pseudonymised for marketing and optimisation purposes to collect statistical data on the use of our websites and improve it accordingly. Within the framework of order processing, we use technology from Webtrekk GmbH Robert-Koch-Platz 4, 10115 Berlin, Germany. This automatically collects and saves data. Pseudonymous usage profiles are also created here. Webtrekk uses them to provide us with reports on user activity and other services related to the use of our websites.

Every time you access our website, information that is transmitted by your browser is collected and evaluated. It is collected using a pixel, which is integrated on each page, and / or a Java script as well as cookies. The following information is collected and processed:

  • Name of the retrieved file, time stamp
  • Operating system used - Device ID - Information (type / version) about the browser used
  • Screen / browser resolution and colour depth
  • Browser language - Referrer URL (previously visited page)
  • IP address
  • Clicks
  • Java on / off
  • Cookies on / off
  • Plug-ins
  • If applicable, information about your shopping basket (e.g. number of products or currency used)
  • Possibly pseudonymised user ID and new customer status

Webtrekk abbreviates the IP address as soon as it is received and only uses it on our behalf to recognise sessions and for geolocalization only. The abbreviated IP address does not allow for any conclusions to be drawn about you as a visitor to our websites.

When using Webtrekk, the following cookies are set, which have a lifetime as follows:

  • Session cookie (for session recognition, lifetime: one session, i.e. until the browser is closed)
  • Long-term cookies (for pseudonymised recognition of returning visitors: 12 months)
  • Opt-out cookie (in case of opposition to tracking: 12 months)

If you do not agree with the storage and analysis of the analysis data from your visit, you can object to this by clicking the following link:
Click here to deactivate Webtrekk for this domain.

This places a so-called opt-out cookie on your browser. The result is that the service does not place any web analytics cookies or collect any session data. Note: If you delete your cookies, the opt-out cookie will also be deleted and you may need to reactivate it.

The applicable Webtrekk Privacy Policy can be found at https://www.webtrekk.com/privacy-notice.html.

We would be pleased, however, if you agree to the employment of analytics tools, since they help us to regularly enhance our web presence and our services and to optimise them to your needs.