Web-Analyse Policy

Analytics Tools
We seek to design our web presence as user friendly and efficient as possible. For the analysis and enhancement of our website, we apply the web analytics service Webtrends. It supplies us with anonymous, statistical information about the way our website is used. For this purpose, cookies are applied which generate such information and transfer them to us. Here we explain what cookies are and how you can delete them or disable their application. You will thereby not be identified, and remain anonymous; the software assigns a visitor ID which is not linked with your IP address. The information about how you use the web site is not shared with third parties. However, the information is processed also on servers operated by Webtrends in the USA. Webtrends is affiliated to the Safe Harbour program for crossborder data transfer, which provides for adequate privacy protection.

Should you disagree with the storage and analysis of the analytics data from your visit, you may object this by clicking the link. This will result in the placement of a socalled opt-out cookie in your browser. This will have the effect that the service will forthwith not place web analytics cookies and not collect session data. Please observe: If you delete cookies from your browser, this will also affect the opt-out cookie, and you may have to reactivate it then.

Your visit on our web site is currently being monitored by the analytics service of Webtrends. If you wish to decide to object this, click the following link https://ondemand.webtrends.com/support/optout.asp to place the opt-out cookie in your browser.

We would be pleased, however, if you agree to the employment of analytics tools, since they help us to regularly enhance our web presence and our services and to optimise them to your needs.