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    • Size: 10.7x15 cm
    • Set of 10
    • High-gloss finish on front
    • Ruling on reverse side
    • Paper density: 285g/m²
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    Price Overview

    Postcards, format: 10.7x15 cm, set of 10

    10.7 x 15.0cm, one motif per set of 10 cards
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    10.7 x 15.0cm, one motif per set of 10 cards
    Trial price
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    About the product:

    Postcards - Classic postcard in a set of 10

    Classic postcard in a set of 10Get your 10.7x15 cm photo postcards in a handy set of ten. You can design the front of your postcards with your own photos in no time at all and send them to family and friends.

    Postcards - High-gloss finished picture side

    High-gloss finished picture sideTo make sure your photos look their best, the front of your photo postcards has a special finish. This gives your photos that extra touch that makes them shine in high-contrast colours.

    Postcards - Directly printable with text

    Directly printable with text You can have your designed postcard set printed directly with text and then send it to your loved ones: Simply design the postcards with your own photos and text and order your postcard set to your home. Add the address by hand and send it by post - and your greetings are on their way.

    As individual as you:

    Personalised birth announcement card

    Give your baby a successful first appearance with our magical birth announcement cards. The postcard set from ifolor is perfect for sharing your wonderful news with friends and family. Create a collage with your baby's first snapshots, for example. Add your personal wishes and greetings on the back when you design the card or later by hand - and you're ready to create your own birth announcement card.

    Photo postcards as birthday invitations

    With your own photos, your birthday invitations will be even more personal: choose from a wide range of templates, from simple to collage to playful, and create your birthday invitations just the way you want them. You can highlight the theme or motto of the party or use fun snapshots of the birthday boy or girl to match the anniversary.

    Just to say thank you

    For congratulations on an anniversary or the birth of a child, for kind gestures and gifts or just because - sometimes you just want to say thank you to your loved ones. With the classic postcards you can create great thank you cards. On the front you have space for personal photos, the back offers space for your words of thanks.

    Overview of all our photo greeting cards:

    Blog posts on our greeting cards

    But besides placing a photo on a card and writing a personal message, there are also other creative ways to use photo greeting cards. That's what these articles are about. Discover inspiring ideas for photo greeting cards from our passionate writers.