Photo sticker

  • A5 sheets each with 12 stickers (round) or 16 stickers (rectangular)
  • Round stickers (40 mm Ø) and rectangular stickers (30 x 40 mm)
  • Quality paper with matt finish
  • Stick well to a whole range of materials
  • Personalising options using photos or logos

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Photo sticker

The photo stickers in round or rectangular are designed to be very personal and varied and are really eye-catching on gifts, in friendship books or on everyday objects. The photo stickers can also be creatively used in the kitchen, for children’s birthdays or in the office. Design your in round or rectangular photo stickers to suit any occasion and mark or decorate your objects however you fancy.

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Photo sticker

A5 sheets each with 16 stickers (rectangular)
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A5 sheets each with 12 stickers (round)
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Personalised photo stickers for friendship books

Personalised photo stickers for friendship books

How great would it be if your child had their own personalised photo stickers? Whether it’s designed by themselves or as a gift - the photo stickers make any friendship book look prettier.  

Personalizzare il portatile e gli oggetti quotidiani

Personalising your laptop and other everyday items

Anyone who wants to stand out from the crowds has found just the right option with these photo stickers. Design your personal photo stickers and decorate your objects however you like. The long search for perfect stickers for your objects is therefore over and your laptop also finally gets its deserved portion of personality.

Personal touch for letters and greeting cards

Personal touch for letters and greeting cards

Whether it’s on the envelope or in the photo greeting card itself, photo stickers give an extra personal touch to the greetings you post to your loved ones. There are no limits to the design of your photo stickers for occasions like Christmas, weddings or birthdays.

Personalizzazione negli oggetti domestici

Personalisation at home

The photo stickers are not just perfect for organising your own home by marking clothes hangers in your wardrobe, on your children’s packed lunch boxes or labelling jam jars and wine bottles but also as gifts.

Worth knowing about the photo stickers

How can I design my own photo stickers?

You can design your personalised photo stickers on our website. Simply upload the photos you want to turn into stickers, pick your format, save your changes, and order your stickers. After a short bit you’ll receive your stickers by post.

In which formats and sizes can I order my photo stickers?

You can choose between round or rectangular stickers. The quantity per sheet depends on which format you choose: round stickers come in sheets of 12, and rectangular stickers come in sheets of 16. The sticker sheets are DIN A5 paper (21.2 x 14.7 cm). The rectangular stickers are 3 x 4 cm. The diameter of the round stickers is 4 cm.

How many different pictures can be printed per sheet?

When it comes to the round stickers, you can have 12 different pictures printed; with the rectangular stickers, that number is 16—that is, one picture per sticker. If preferred, you can have 12 or 16 of the same picture printed, or multiple variations per sheet.

What do the finished stickers look like?

The stickers are printed on a high-quality silicone paper with a matte finish. Our stickers are self-adhesive and can be easily adhered to any smooth surface. Application is very easy—your little ones will have a blast using them to decorate toy boxes and school supplies.

What kind of surfaces will the stickers adhere to?

The stickers adhere to multiple materials, such as paper, glass, aluminium, and plastic. For best, most durable results, remove dust or oil before application. You can also apply the stickers to textiles and wood, however these materials are only suitable for short-term application.

Can my stickers be used on anything?

For inside use, there are few limitations to what the stickers can be adhered. Glass, plastic, paper, and magnets are all perfectly suited to the stickers. You can also use the stickers outside: when tested against UV exposure, our stickers showed little colour fading. However, like most decorative objects, intensive exposure to sunlight can lead to some bleaching.

Are the photo stickers waterproof?

As our stickers are suitable for outdoor use, a little bit of water, such as light rain or a splash here and there, won’t do much damage to them. But note that wet stickers will come off more easily from surfaces with less adhesive force, such as wood. It’s also possible that stickers will come off in the dishwasher.

What can I use the stickers for?

There are no limitations on your creativity: use the stickers to personalise everyday objects, to decorate gifts and greeting cards, or for organising your household. Our photo stickers are easy to create and useful across a wide variety of applications.

Beautify greeting cards or invitations even more with your personalised photo stickers and make your party even more enticing. The stickers can be used to tastefully design gift-wrapping or add an eloquent flourish to your well wishes. Photo gifts can be even more individualised with photo stickers. Children will enjoy adding them to entries in their friendship album.

Additionally, the stickers are great for distinguishing your personal items as yours. Turn your everyday objects into a thing of beauty: personalise the school supplies of your children or your own office supplies. Cameras, laptops, and smartphones are also great candidates for being personalised by our photo stickers.