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    Photo Magnets Set of 12

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    from 13.45 from 14.95 per-item
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    from 13.45 from 14.95 per-item
    from 13.45 from 14.95 per-item
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    • 6x6 cm square, 1 mm wide
    • Set of 12 rounded corners
    • Your photo on a magnetic sheet
    • Glossy surface
    • Box included
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    Product Details

    You can design your own photo magnets with ifolor, which you can personalise with photos. They are perfect and decorative for attaching notes to on a magnetic board or as a photo fridge magnet. The 6x6 cm square magnets show your pictures in rich colours thanks to the glossy surface and great photo quality. You can design each magnet individually. We will deliver your photo magnets, which also includes a box where you can store your photos.

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    Photo Magnets

    Set of 12
    Photo Magnets, set of 12
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    About the product:

    Use real photos as magnets

    Use real photos as magnetsWe will use your own picture and put it on a special magnetic sheet which is on the back. This way your photo will look great as it will have the best image quality and high contrast. The glossy surface on the photo magnets also ensures radiant colours.

    Useful and extra strong

    Useful and extra strongThe handy 6x6 cm size and the strong magnetic foil make your self-designed photo magnets particularly functional. You can hang up to four A4 sheets of paper by using a single magnet on a metal surface such as a fridge or a magnet board.

    Set of 12 for diverse use

    Set of 12 for diverse useThe ifolor photo magnets come in a set of 12 so that you are well equipped. You can stick your notes, messages, to-do lists or postcards on the fridge or magnetic board. The magnets can be used on their own to add a decorative or some personal touches to your kitchen or workplace.

    As individual as you:

    Photo magnets with your favourite holiday memories

    Photo magnets with your favourite holiday memories

    A breath-taking view, a beautiful sunset and other unforgettable holiday experiences: put your most memorable holiday moments onto photo magnets so that you can reminisce every day about your past holidays. Let your photo gallery on your fridge grow and grow each year by capturing the best highlights of your holiday and putting them onto magnets.

    Personalised magnets for work

    Personalised magnets for work

    Magnets are used in a lot of offices. They are useful and they also bring a little bit of colour into the workplace. You can get magnets designed for your department, field of work or with the company logo. Get personalised pinboard magnets with a photo for each member of staff. This can be used to help keep track of the progress on a particular project or to have an overview of the different work tasks.

    Personalised magnets for families and at home

    Personalised magnets for families and at home

    By using self-designed photo magnets, you can help your family to stay organised. Individual photo magnets are ideal for the whole family as each family can get their own photo magnet. This can help you to keep track of the chore list and which family members have completed which chore.

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