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Beach Bag

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  • Approx. 70x50x20 cm
  • Machine washable up to 40 °C
  • 100% polyester
  • Front and back printable
  • Volume approx. 34 litres
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Product Details

With the ifolor large and stylish 70x50x20 cm Photo Beach Bag you can capture your most precious photo moments on both sides of the bag. Snacks, drinks, swimming or sports gear, a towel or picnic blanket: with a capacity of around 34 litres, you have plenty of room for everything you need for an adventurous day.

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Beach Bag

Beach Bag
approx. 70x50 cm
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About the product:

Beach Bag - Very versatile

Very versatileThis personalised beach bag can easily hold a towel, swimwear, and a book for your trip to the beach. The long straps make it easy to carry on your shoulders. The bag can also be useful in everyday life while shopping, on a walk with a small picnic, or at the playground. It offers plenty of space for your shopping, snacks, or water bottles - perfect for on the go.

Beach Bag - Personalise your beach bag

Personalise your beach bagThere are no limits to what you can do with your unique Photo Beach Bag. Give the bag a personal touch with your favourite photo, a quote, or funny pet photo. Large photos look particularly good on the beach bag. With the beach bag, you'll always have your favourite photo moment with you, even on the go. Thanks to the double-sided photo print, your beach bag will shine from all angles.

Beach Bag - Extra easy care

Extra easy care Whether you go to a sandy beach, a playground, an indoor pool, a spa, or the park - thanks to the robust material, you can take your customised Photo Beach Bag anywhere without worrying. To keep your bag clean, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth or wash it in the washing machine at up to 40 °C on a gentle cycle. The Photo Beach Bag is not suitable for the dryer.

As individual as you:

Beach Bag - Everything for your bath or spa trip

Everything for your bath or spa trip

A personalised Photo Beach Bag is not only perfect for holidays at the beach, but is also great for a visit to the indoor pool or spa, making it a practical companion all year round. Personalise your beach bag with a matching wellness design, like an impressive sunset, your favourite nature photo, or a great panorama. You can also personalise your beach bag with text, such as a quote or your favourite lyrics. This turns your beach bag into a unique eye-catcher.

Beach Bag - Spacious bag for family outings

Spacious bag for family outings

The Photo Beach Bag is a real space-saver for holidays, weekend trips and your everyday activities. From snacks and a water bottle, a blanket to sit on or a change of clothes for emergencies, to a pack of cards to stave off boredom during the drive to your destination, your beach bag will fit everything you need for your family trip and have it at your fingertips in one swift motion.

Beach Bag - Personalise your beach bag with your favourite picture

Personalise your beach bag with your favourite picture

Filled with fresh fruit, a picnic blanket and cool drinks, your photo beach bag is perfect for a picnic in the countryside in the sunshine. In winter, it has room for a thermos of tea or mulled wine, homemade biscuits, and warm gloves - great for a snowy hike with friends. Personalise the bag with a photo of a fun moment with your loved ones or immortalise a design that you associate with adventure on your beach bag. It is not only a practical accessory, but also a nice reminder of your most beautiful experiences and makes you want to make new memories.

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