Creative tips & tricks for your photos

All your beautiful photos are just waiting to get the chance to shine. So if you're looking for creative ideas to turn your photos into unique pieces of art and personalised accessories in your home, you've come to the right place. Our tips & tricks will definitely impress your friends and family and create a unique atmosphere of wellbeing in your home. Plus, you can find lots of tutorials and pointers for taking and editing photos and videos. Our experts collect all their insight here to help you get your pictures to shine in the best light – You won’t believe they were not taken by a professional photographer! In this category, you will find also find ideas that turn simple photos or photo products into special decorations and accessories. For example: You could design a photo pin board from ifolor photo mouse pads or build your own acrylic glass decoration with a special lighting effect yourself! Our step-by-step instructions will show you how to easily create unique and practical decorations at home. You will also find unique and creative ideas in our tips and tricks category for gifts and greeting cards that are guaranteed to amaze all your friends and family members. Ultimately, your photos make all our inspirations special in the first place. Our tips & tricks will always make sure that your photos and videos shine in the best light and are in the centre of attention. Take a look around our blog and be inspired by the posts our experts put together for your photos. Let standard, purchased decorations and presents be a thing of the past and show your friends and family how creative you can be. ifolor inspire will help you with simple, creative tips and tricks for your photos.