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A photo puzzle as a marriage proposal: a couple hugging each other accompanied by the message “Marry Me!”

A Marriage Proposal on a Photo Puzzle

Spread Messages of Joy in a Playful Way

“Yes, I will!” - these are the words everyone hopes to hear when they ask for their partner’s hand in marriage. This is one of life’s moments neither of you will ever forget. This is one of the reasons why many try to think of a very special way of popping the question so the two of you can look back at the moment in joyous remembrance.

Why don’t you ask the all-important question in the form of a photo puzzle?

When putting together the puzzle, a playful mood will come about while the bride- or groom-to-be completes the puzzle piece by piece and comes closer to revealing the life-changing question and big surprise. Another plus is you can later frame the completed puzzle or it can be reassembled again and again. This will keep the memory of your proposal alive for years to come.

You can create your very own photo puzzle from ifolor in just a few easy steps directly online. All you’ll need is just a photo fitting the occasion. A perfect choice would be a photo of you together with your partner. This could perhaps be the first photo the two of you ever took together, a picture from a professional photo shoot, or perhaps a photo from a holiday the two of you took together.

After choosing a suitable photo, all you’ll have to do is just inconspicuously add the words “Will you marry me?” to your puzzle. Be sure to make the font large enough to be able to read the message, but not too large so that the surprise is discovered prematurely. You can easily avoid the risk of them discovering your intent by hiding or withholding the 3-4 pieces until your partner is almost finished assembling the puzzle.

Tip: Instead of using a photo of the two of you together and a message clearly conveying your intent, you could take a picture of yourself in a pose that clearly conveys the message without words. For a marriage proposal, the classic position of you on one knee presenting the engagement ring would be a perfect idea.

Idea: You could also use this photo puzzle idea to tell family members about your engagement, a new addition to the family, or perhaps even a promotion. Inform the family about important events in your life in a playful manner!

An idea for telling your partner or grandparents-to-be about a new addition to the family is to design a photo puzzle using an image of the ultrasound and watch the smile come to their face once they’ve assembled the puzzle.

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