• Creative ideas for the perfect marriage proposal

    Creative ideas for the perfect marriage proposal

    From playful to romantic

    Yes, I do! - are the words that everyone who wants to propose marriage to their partner wants to hear. This moment is an unforgettable one for both. Keep the suspense level up when you hear the question "Do you want to marry me?" Feel free to come up with something very special to increase the joy even more.

    Regardless of whether you are looking for ideas for a romantic or playful marriage proposal, here we will introduce you to three creative ways to make a perfect proposal.

    Playful marriage proposal with a Photo puzzle

    A playful suspense arises already while the couple puts the puzzle together. The future bride or groom approaches the important question, puzzle piece by piece, and at the end comes across the big surprise.

    You can design such a Photo puzzle very easily with our online editor or with the help of our design software, the ifolor Designer. All you need is a photo appropriate for the occasion. A great shot of the two of you will work best. This can be the first photo together, a picture that was taken during a special photo shoot or a picture from a vacation together.

    Creative marriage proposal with a Photo puzzle

    After you have selected a suitable picture, all you have to do is place the words "Do you want to marry me?" inconspicuously. For example, you can do this with an image editing program of your choice before uploading or you can use the ifolor Designer. Here you have the option of using small clip arts and frames to design your Photo puzzle in addition to text. Make sure the font is big enough to read, but not too big as this could reveal the surprise too soon. To be on the safe side and to prevent the risk that your sweetheart comes across the crucial words right at the beginning, you can hide two to four puzzle pieces until your partner has almost completely put the puzzle together.


    Instead of using a picture of the two of you together and the words, you can also prepare a picture in advance which shows you in a distinct pose. For a marriage proposal, this classical pose works best: Present the engagement ring kneeling down.

    Creative marriage proposal – a sweet message for breakfast

    Not only coffee fans will be happy about this: A marriage proposal at breakfast with a special love message. Use our Photo mug and print it not only with a cute photo of the two of you, but also with the magical four words. While having breakfast together, slide the mug towards your sweetheart in an inconspicuous manner. The surprise effect will be guaranteed.

    Creative marriage proposal with a personal Photo mug

    Use one of our numerous templates in the online editor on the website to design or get creative yourself with the ifolor Designer. You can choose from classic designs, and also romantic motifs such as hearts and "Love" lettering. In addition to the all-important question, choose a photo of the two of you with a special meaning. This mug is guaranteed to be the most beautiful piece of crockery that your partner will ever get.

    Romantic marriages proposal with the most beautiful memories

    Review your most beautiful moments and use the ifolor app to design a small Booklet for your marriage proposal. Using the free app for iOS and Android, you can create your Photo book in a square mini format in just a few steps directly with your smartphone: Simply select the most beautiful photos from your time together on your smartphone or tablet and tell a little story with those pictures. Start with getting to know each other and insert pictures of holidays together and other beautiful events. You can insert a photo and a suitable title on each page. You can also insert small texts into the Booklet with the help of a note app and the screenshot function on your smartphone. These can be little anecdotes or just a few lovely words.

    Romantic proposal with Mini Photo book


    Edit your photo selection before uploading to the Booklet with a uniform filter and that’s how you will give the Mini Photo book a uniform look. That will look especially harmonious and modern.

    The nice thing about this creative variant is that your partner can experience the moment of the proposal again and again and can keep the Booklet in a practical format forever.

    We hope you will experience great fun in asking the all-important question in a creative way.

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