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    Special Wedding Guest Photos for the Guest Book

    Great Memories of the Most Beautiful Day of Your Life

    Wedding celebrations contain many special moments that are characterised by joy, happiness, and an overall cheerful atmosphere. The photos of this celebration should capture this as much as possible. Not only the bridal couple play a role in creating this magical atmosphere, but also the guests at the wedding. Guest books are a great way to keep memories alive of weddings as well as other celebrations such as birthdays or other parties.

    Here we’ll give you four creative ideas how to really showcase photos of your guests to supplement the professional photos of the bridal couple.

    A Classic Accompaniment for Guest Book Photos - A Picture Frame

    Normally you receive the developed photos of your wedding shortly after the celebration and proudly display the best photos in picture frames. With this idea, however, you can turn the tables and put the frame in the picture instead of the other way around.

    A frame decorated fittingly for the occasion being celebrated is perfect for using to take group photos and will help create relaxed, amusing, and innovative pictures. For a little variety you can create several frames in various colours, forms, and patterns. One idea could be to use a white frame for a photo of the bride with her bridesmaids and a black frame for a photo of the groom with his groomsmen.

    A decorated picture frame made from thin tree limbs

    A group of guests can take one of the available frames, gather together, hold the frame in front of them and then pose for the camera. This will give your photos a consistent theme and will be the perfect “frame of reference” when looking back at your joyous day.

    Romantic Backdrop for Photos of the Party Guests

    A striking environment is another way to help make unforgettable photos. You can do this by creating a thematically suitable backdrop for your photos.

    To create a romantic setting you can use flowers, individual flower petals, or other plants in combination with lots of warm luminous lamps, lanterns, or candles. Somewhere to sit with enough space for a group of people will make taking the photo a bit cosier. For this you can use a sofa, several arm chairs, or even a bench made from hay bales.

    several arm chairs, or even a bench made from hay bales. When the weather is nice and there’s enough space, you can also make use of the natural beauty of nature for your background. If you don’t have the opportunity to set up your backdrop outdoors, you could alternatively make use of a bare wall decorated with suitably coloured textiles or photos.

    This romantic picture backdrop is perfect for taking photos of couples, guests with the bride and groom, group photos, or even photos of all the wedding guests together.

    Photo Booth

    A real eye-catcher is the photo booth. These machines will make everyone want to step in to take a spontaneous snapshot. These small, mobile photo studios make the guest a part of the action thanks to the booth’s remote-control release. Another advantage is that the booth will really give your guests something to talk about since the photos are instantly printed out and can immediately be viewed. At the same time, your guests will get their own little personal memento of the special day that they can take home with them.

    A rustic red photo booth

    Tip: Ask your guests to take several pictures of themselves so there are enough photos for the guests to take some home with them and there are some left over for the bride and groom’s guest book. You can either scan them and print them in an ifolor photo book or perhaps glue the original photos in a photo album and add handwritten notes. Either way you’ll be left with great memories of your special day.

    Amusing Accessories for Comical Photos

    Glasses, moustaches, hats, bows, and other accessories always put people in a good mood and make for funny photos. You can easily craft your own accessories out of colourful construction paper, various textiles, and some thin wooden sticks.

    You can of course use these comical accessories and combine them with other ideas such as the picture frame, the romantic sofa landscape, or even the photo booth.

    You can also set out some paper, writing utensils, or a small chalkboard so your guests can write out their own messages to use in the photos.

    The bride and groom with two of their guests posing with comical accessories

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