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Summer barbecue party

How to organise the perfect summer barbecue party

Summer's here! I’m going to provide you with some ideas for how you can give your barbecue evenings with friends a creative twist.

Summer, sun, sunshine

Just like every summer, a time full of swimming fun at the outdoor pool, cool ice cream and warm summer evenings with friends awaits us. Why not bring some of that holiday feeling to your own home and invite your friends round to yours for a barbecue party? We have put together a few ideas for how you can organise the perfect summer barbecue party. Be inspired and create new favourite moments with friends and family! They might possibly also be perfect for a Square Print photo collage, mightn't they?

Summer barbecue party
Summer barbecue party

It’s time to barbie!

One of the most wonderful summer activities with friends is definitely barbecuing. It’s uncomplicated and doesn’t involve a lot of work. The ingredients can be sorted out quickly, everyone can bring what they like with them. As a host, you mainly have to make sure that the barbecue is heated up early enough so that your hungry guests don’t have to wait too long – as it always takes quite a bit of time for the meat to be cooked. And heads up! Don’t forget your vegetarian friends, provide plenty of aluminium foil and dishes so that the meat can be barbecued separately from the vegetables.Our tip: spread cream cheese on mushrooms and small potatoes, wrap them in aluminium foil and put them on the barbie. Meat lovers like these too.

Besides classic sweet drinks, like Coke and Sprite, you can also prepare refreshing drinks for your guests easily and quickly yourself. One trend every summer is vitamin water. This is tasty, refreshing and definitely more exciting than pure tap water and also has an extra portion of vitamins. Wash and chop any fruits of your choice, anything is possible from strawberries, lemons, pineapple, melon to kiwi, into small pieces and put them in a carafe filled with water. Leave it to rest for a while and hey presto your vitamin water is ready. The practical thing is that the carafe can be topped up time and time again as with a little bit of ice the fruits stay fresh for a long time.

Summer barbecue party
Summer barbecue party

Guests often offer to bring salads or other side dishes with them. However, you will always be on the safe side if you provide something too. The most obvious choices are classics like bread, potatoes or rice, various dips, sauces and crisps.You can jazz up ordinary lettuce with tomatoes, peppers and onions or have you ever tried a salad with feta cheese, halved grapes and roasted seeds? Quick and easy to make but absolutely delicious! A tasty tomato and mozzarella salad or Parma ham with honeydew melon always taste good too. But maybe you could season them this time with a bit of honeyand pepper instead of balsamic vinegar.You should definitely use the glowing embers for delicious barbecued chocolate bananas! Desiccated coconut or chopped almonds are a particularly good topping for these.



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You can also give your barbecue party a motto for an extra fun factor, as theme parties are currently all the rage. Whether everyone is in 80s look or you decide to create a theme evening for all your football fanatic friends – your creativity has free rein, which makes decorating even more fun!

Your most beautiful memories as table decoration

It doesn't always have to be a lot, but I recommend personal place cards for your friends to make your dining table even more beautiful. Individual place cards can be quickly and easily created out of ifolor greeting cards. Choose the subject of your choice, either to match the theme or your best memories together, add white stripes and then affectionately label them by hand. Also as a sweet gift to take home with you afterwards!

Summer barbecue party

The icing on the cake

Whenever I invite friends to dinner, I like to place a little thank you for coming where they aresitting. Usually something personal or something that reminds you of a great time together. This year, for example, everyone got a picture of a shared moment from recent years to takehome. The Square Prints are ideal for this! With their small format they can be used as an eye-catcher on the fridge or a memento on the wall. As they arrived, I asked my guests to sit at the place where they found their memory. Do your guests still know which memories you share with each other?

Summer barbecue party

Have great fun at your next barbecue!


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