• Nice photo stickers for Christmas crafts and gifts

    Nice photo stickers for Christmas crafts and gifts

    Funny photo stickers have a lot of use during Christmas preparations. Photo stickers are a nice addition to Christmas crafts and especially beautifully finish gift packages and Christmas greetings. You can choose from 12 or 16 sticker sets all with either the same image or rejoice in each sticker with a different image and theme.

    Nice photo stickers for Christmas crafts and gifts

    Now the sticker is decorated with spruce decorations

    One of the most wonderful Christmas preparations is to choose and do Christmas decorations with the kids. A new nice craft idea for Christmas is to make spruce decorations to which various picture stickers are glued. Choose pictures suitable for decorations during the joint tree moments in December: family members, pets, holiday photos, whatever nice or funny. Children can also be involved in ordering and show how to first select the images and place them on a computer and after a while the finished image stickers arrive in the mail to be admired and glued to the spruce decorations.

    Nice photo stickers for Christmas crafts and gifts

    Close Christmas cards and letters spectacularly

    The photo sticker is a small and nice extra that gives the Christmas card shells its final touch. A well-chosen picture sticker as a letter closure shows how much you care about the recipient and how important it is for you to finish just the last of his or her Christmas greetings.

    Nice photo stickers for Christmas crafts and gifts

    Who sends the card? Say it with a picture sticker!

    A photo sticker can be decorated with a picture of Christmas, nature or a beautiful moment. Also, a picture sticker is a fun way to tell who the card is from. One picture says more than a thousand words. Attach nice pictures of children, the whole family or the best selfie of the year about yourself to the card - the recipient is sure to admire the picture sticker decorating the card.

    Nice photo stickers for Christmas crafts and gifts

    Name your Christmas calendar bags with photo stickers

    A self-made Christmas calendar and daily surprise bags are a nice way to follow the approach of Christmas. If there are several children in the family and they have a common calendar, which can be opened alternately for each child, the bags on the calendar can be marked with pictorial stickers. A child with a picture on top of the bag gets the joy of opening a Christmas calendar surprise that day.

    Choose from 12 or 16 handy labels

    Label sets have either 12 round or 16 rectangular labels and each label can have a different image. The sticker easily attaches to various materials, such as slippery gift wrap. With funny photo stickers, you will delight your family and loved ones this Christmas in a small but eye-catching way!

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