Design SIGG water bottles with individual motifs

SIGG water bottle as a gift idea for the whole family

High-quality water bottles with a personal touch for young and old

When the holiday season is over, an exciting period starts afresh for the whole family. A new school year lies ahead, perhaps a child will start school, and on the weekends there will be excursions with the whole family. For leisure activities as well as for school supplies, a high-quality water bottle is at the top of the packing list. With our SIGG water bottle you have not only a feather-light, pollution-free and leak-proof companion at hand – you can also decorate the bottle individually with your very own photo motifs.

The aluminum water bottle as a stylish school companion

In addition to the typical school supplies items such as a pencil case or lunch box, a water bottle should not be missing in a school bag or gym bag. Since your children usually have a lot to carry such as books and notebooks, a SIGG water bottle made of lightweight aluminum is the perfect choice. Even more advantageous are robust and leak-proof bottles in the active day-to-day school life of your children. And even environmentally and health-conscious parents can be reassured: The water bottles are made by the traditional Swiss company SIGG without harmful plasticizers (BPA) and sealed from the inside.

In order for your child’s own water bottle to be easily recognizable and not get lost, you can easily customize it at ifolor. Whether you use motives together with Mom and Dad, the best friends or the favourite pet or cuddly toy – give your little one a colourful and individual companion on the way to school. Design the bottle yourself either as a surprise gift for the beginning of school or together with your children by simply using our ifolor Designer at home on the computer.

SIGG water bottles with individual motifs – group of friends

Picnic, hiking and so on – a must-have for every family outing

A perfect excursion needs to be well planned. You should always keep an eye on food and drink when taking a trip with children. It is therefore essential to have a high-quality water bottle on your packing list so that you can carry your own drinks, such as fruit juice or tea. Even carbonated drinks are packed leak-proof. Whether it’s a picnic in the countryside, a city trip or hiking in the mountains – be well prepared for any excursion destination with the SIGG water bottle and experience new adventures together with your loved ones and your personal water bottle.

With the ifolor Designer, you have numerous design options at your disposal. You can attach one or more pictures, different colours and also texts on your personal bottle. In this way, each family member can have their own bottle with their name, so you do not mix up the bottles.

SIGG water bottles with individual motives – family activity and portrait

Preparing for a trip together can be a creative and fun shared experience that starts in your own home – design your own SIGG water bottle right now on your computer.

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