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    Children are lively, have a mind of their own, and just want to have fun. That’s why it can be quite a challenge to take pictures of them. Here we’ve gathered together for you some tips for taking pictures of / with children that you can use to create impressive and spectacular kids photos. You can also find our tips in our video featuring the photo hacks.

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    Pay Attention to Resolution and Image Format

    Before getting started photographing your children, you should first check the resolution and image format settings of your camera. Photos with a very high resolution are more suitable for subsequent image editing and optimisation. This will enable you to do things like crop and zoom in on your photos should the motif be too far away or to compensate for poor lighting conditions. Photos in RAW format are best suited for subsequent image editing. While image information is consolidated with standard image formats, the image information is preserved in its entirety with the RAW format and offers you more multifaceted image editing without compromising image quality.

    Changing Your Perspective and Camera Position at Their Level

    In order to capture the dynamism and emotions in your photos, both the perspective and position of the camera when photographing are decisive. When photographing, keep a bit of distance between yourself and the action in order to end up with a scene of playing or eating that appears as natural as possible. Taking pictures of children in a photo session, on the other hand, will cause you to end up with photos that don’t appear as authentic and, if they take a long time, will end up boring your children and the playful charm of your children photos will be lost.

    Sometimes it can be a good idea to get mixed up in the action with the kids yourself while photographing them. This will enable you to end up with especially impressive photos of your children while playing with friends or siblings. If going with this method, however, make sure not to disturb the kids and it’s best to ask them ahead of time if they mind if you join them.

    Photographing children – small boys running on the beach

    Concerning the perspective, you should basically try to photograph the kids at their eye level. If you photograph them from above, the end result will be less impressive and the little ones will appear that much smaller. If taking portraits or frontal shots of the kids, it’s best to take a knee or photograph the child while they’re in a relatively elevated position.

    Find Expressive Motifs with Children

    When taking portraits and photographing other motifs with children, it’s especially important to focus on the eyes. When doing this, it doesn’t make too much of a difference if your child is looking directly into the camera or staring off into the distance – you’re sure to end up with a photo full of expression.

    When searching for suitable and authentic motifs, you only need to make use of your child’s playful imagination and urge to discover new things. Seesawing, swinging, climbing, or even doing something like discovering caves will offer you a variety of possible motifs.

    In order to photograph movements in a more targeted manner, simply join the action yourself and do something such as throwing a ball to the child for them to catch. This will enable you to snap the shot at just the right moment and you’ll be better able to capture the exact moment while throwing or catching – you’ll be sure to have fun at the same time and end up with humorous photos.


    An action camera is especially ideal for capturing moments while playing outside and going on exciting excursions with the kids. They’re not only water and dust-resistant, but they’re also wide-angled and, thanks to their handy size, can be used practically anywhere.

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    Photographing children – a kid in action while flying a kite

    Choosing Suitable Camera Settings

    In order to capture the perfect facial expression or movement, it could be wise to take a series of photos in order to end up with multiple photos of the same scene and then later choose the best one or you could make a brilliant picture series of your child. Also, when photographing children while playing and tumbling about, it’s best to use a short exposure time. This will ensure even fast movements are sharply depicted.

    When photographing in poor lighting conditions, you can use a higher ISO value in order to make the motif brighter. However, if the ISO value is set too high, you could end up with increased image noise that will considerably degrade your image quality. Basically, though, a little image noise is better to put up with than an underexposed photo where you can’t even recognise the motif.

    And, naturally, taking a couple of group photos of the children or together with other family members is a must. Here you should make sure you have a sufficient depth of field to ensure everyone is sharply depicted in the photo. For group photos, an aperture setting of 8 to 11 is most suitable.

    Make Short Slow-Motion Videos

    If you also want to record short videos while photographing your children, you can try using the slow motion function on your camera. Nowadays, many smartphones come with this function built in. It’s also possible to edit the video afterwards on your computer or with the help of an app to add slow-motion effects. The slow-motion effect will lend an extra degree of brilliance and intensity to the scene recorded – such as while jumping from a swing.

    And Last But Not Least: Have Fun!

    The ultimate goal here is to properly capture the joy of your children. Thus, having fun should always be the first priority and both you and your children should feel in your element while taking pictures. You shouldn’t have to force them to be photographed and the situations should be natural so you end up with photos that appear as authentic as possible. Should you notice today just isn’t the day for taking pictures and your child doesn’t feel like being photographed, just lay your camera to the side and enjoy some quality time with your kids.

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